February 24 2020

The BIASC and NewHomesDirectory.com Team Up to Create the New Homes Showcase

BIASC New Homes Showcase

The Building Industry Association of Southern California, also known as the BIASC, has announced the creation of its brand new platform, the BIASC New Homes Showcase. This ground-breaking platform is an online sales directory that was created to become a leading reliable resource within Southern California’s building industry. The BIASC New Homes Showcase will connect consumers directly with builder communities without the use of any third-party websites to make for an easier home search process.

The BIASC New Homes Showcase was intended to increase BIASC-member builder’s flow of digital traffic which will prove to be very beneficial being that over 90 percent of today’s homebuyers are introduced to the real estate market via online searches. By using this innovative platform, consumers are connected directly to the builder’s websites after selecting the community of their choosing so that they may be provided with the information needed to begin the home buying process. Consumers will rest assured that their home search is backed by home builder members with long-standing credibility in the 90-year old association.

BIASC’s EVP Craig Foster stated, “One of our highest priorities as an association is to assist our home builder members in connecting with the right buyers at the right time in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

The BIASC New Homes Showcase is driven by NewHomesDirectory.com. NHD is an innovative online directory devoted to displaying new homes for sale to consumers who are in search of a new home with the ultimate goal of delivering home buyers to the home builder’s community web page in as few clicks as possible.

For more information on the BIASC New Homes Showcase and the Building Industry Association of Southern California, please visit https://showcase.biasc.org/builders.

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