September 30 2015

Home Mortgage Rates Fall Below 4%

The aftermath of financial economic news of China combined with the Federal Reserve and housing markets, leads to a 6 point drop in interest rates, making the average thirty-year mortgage rate only 3.98%. While interest rates had stayed relatively low during the first half of 2015, this marks the first time rates dipped below 4% since June.

According to the survey released by Freddie Mac, mortgage rates fell as followed:

•    15-year fixed loan rates, on average, rates are 3.17%, down 3.21% from last week and 3.25% from this time last year.
•    5-year Treasury-indexed adjustable loan rates are 2.95%, down 2.97% from last week and 3.01% from this time last year
•    1-year Treasury-indexed adjustable loan rates are 2.52% down 2.54% from last week and 2.38% from this time last year.

Since the housing bubble burst in 2007, rates have been at historic lows, however rarely dropped below 5% until 2009. The reason for this low rate is simple; it’s the combination of the Federal Reserve’s undefended interest rate plan, China’s volatile stock market and fall in home prices by 0.7% that negatively affected the housing market.

So how long with these 2015 record low interest rates last? The Federal Reserve plans to increase rates once they see an improvement in the economy, especially in the labor market. As of right now, 30-year mortgage rates remain in the balance with their associated Treasury bond rates and monetary policy. One thing for sure, now is the time to buy before rates go up. To search for new homes in your area, visit


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