April 11 2011

The Craigslist Crackdown

To say that I was a bit stressed over the month of March is an understatement. See I wasn’t sleeping as well as usual, either I was eating too much or not enough and I got a headache anytime I thought about… Craigslist.

Why you may ask?  Since the beginning of March Craigslist.org has been really cracking down on each user posting anything in the Real Estate section of their website.  Needless to say for a good amount of March we were defusing one bomb after another.  But as usual we did everything we could to make sure we got a handle on the new guidelines and restrictions.

So to ease your stress I am going to list some items that we have noticed a change in:

  • Posting around 30-50 per account each day will catch up to you.  Because Craigslist is trying to cut down on spam they are now cutting down on how much each account can post per day.  It will start out as flagging and ghosting (meaning the posting itself will not show up on Craigslist but you will be able to see it on your account as active) and then it will move to your account being banned.
  • Accounts are not the only target of Craigslist, they are going after IP addresses much more and blocking those along with accounts.  Even if you are in good standing with Craigslist they sometimes might block your account and IP address just because they see your account activity.
  • There is no need to wonder if Craigslist is questioning whether or not your account is a spam account.  A lot of our outsourcers complained that they were asked to sign into their accounts multiple times while posting, verify their phone number each day and even when they verified their phone number the call wouldn’t go through.  Those are just good indicators that they are keeping an eye on you so you might want to give that account a break.

As usual, if you have any other items to add please feel free to let us know.

Happy Posting!


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