March 16 2011

Make Your New Home Sales Leadership Sharper Than Ever

2011 Sale Leadership Summit

Nothing has changed more dramatically in this tough housing market then the job of a new home sales executive. With new homes sales teams having to do more with much less, and stretched thin by today’s market, as a sales leader you have to be sharper than ever.

Join Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest, two of the leading sales trainers in North America, in a gripping one-day conference that will offer you the insights and information you need to capitalize on your sales efforts. The 2011 Sales Leadership Summit is being held in Dallas, Texas on May 4th, 2011.

What makes the 2011 Sale Leadership Summit program so effective?  “In a word: IMPACT!” said Jeff Shore.  This is NOT your ordinary new home sales training, this interactive, diverse and thoughtfully prepared program, offering keen insight and real-world techniques that can easily be implemented for immediate results. Jeff Shore’s extensive knowledge and irresistible enthusiasm will make your new home sales leadership sharper than ever.

The jam-packed agenda for the 2011 Sales Leadership Summit includes:

• Setting the right performance expectations
• Coaching for the time-strapped manager
• Re-charging tired inventory (with successful case studies)
• Define your metrics - measuring what really counts
• Staffing checkup - finding high-flying sales pros
• Sales compensation strategies
• Lead maximization & follow-up practices

Contact Shore Forrest Sales Strategies for more information or simply go to 2011 Sales Leadership Summit for simmer schedule and pricing.


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