March 11 2011

It’s All Hypothetical Until Proven

Recently I have been noticing many people saying that they know without a doubt.  I’ve seen people say that they know why Craigslist will tell you to wait 20 minutes before posting again, when a post expires once posted or I have even seen people say they know how to get around Craigslist Terms of Use.

I’m not saying that many of these things are not true but it is hard to prove something when Craigslist, as a company, is very quiet about some of the way it is run.  I have my own hypothesis/theories about the topics above as well as other certain things but that doesn’t make it definitive.  You want to know if something works… Research it and then try it for yourself.

I can give you all the tips and tricks I know in the book but it can change in a second with Craigslist.  They do that on purpose because if everyone knew their tricks than their service would be duplicated.  I hope my words are every bit helpful but if you don’t try it for yourself than you will never know if it’s hypothetical or a fact.

But just in case you’re wondering if I do know why Craigslist makes you wait 20 minutes or how long it takes a post to expire and so on, I have done my research and I do feel that my data is factual.  But you’ll just have to keep reading my blogs to find out those things.

Happy Posting!


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