March 7 2011

New Homes Professional Network Reaches Over 2200 Members On Linked In!

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In 2008, New Homes had noted there were no new home building specific groups among Linked In and seeing a need for a new home building industry specific network that was about giving control to the users, gave rise to today's New Home Professional Network Group. A network comprised of senior executives, marketing & PR professionals, as well as sales professionals in the home building industry, New Homes Professional Network has reached over 2200 member in 2011!  This group promotes open discussion among its members to address the ever changing market conditions and the related news, events and technology that shape our industry.

"I find that the topics of discussion in the New Homes Professional Group are cutting edge and very thought provoking. I feel that the group has a very good mix of professionals that participate in the discussions on a regular basis and I learn a lot from the other members of this group by reading what they have to say about the different topics of discussion. The information and the other points of view that I receive by being a member of this group have given me a better understanding of the issues and challenges that builders, sales people and sub contractors face today. The New Homes Professional Group is AWESOME!"
-Del Barbray
 Experienced New Home Sales Pro
 Sacramento, California Area

This social network of industry professionals combines some of the more effective platforms such as blogging and forums as a way to engage each other on any industry topic, from anywhere in the world. 

"For me it's interesting to get a national perspective on certain topics. New and fresh ideas from all over the country. Plus I know that everyone who responds in the New Homes Professional Network is in the trenches everyday, trying a variety of strategies that may or may not work. It's great to get the feedback. You can always learn something new."
-Michael Berke
 Berke Homes & Properties
 Greater Chicago Area

We are excited for the opportunity this group of professionals has to combine and share its collective wisdom and experience. The Network was created in hopes that members will seek the experiences and expertise of others in order to sharpen their professional skills and be more effective for their companies. 

“It's crucial for me to stay relevant as a trainer and sales coach in the industry. The New Home Professional Network Group is a great way for me to stay up on what my industry wants to improve on.
-Jason Forrest
 J Forrest Group
 Dallas/Fort Worth Area
"We exist in a put-your-head-down-and-plow-through-the-work kind of environment. It's so easy to become disconnected and detached from what others are thinking and saying. The network helps me to keep my pulse on what industry leaders are thinking, and to contribute to the dialogue. Sometimes the answers we need are a blog post away. The New Home Professional Network Group makes those answers easy to find.
-Jeff Shore
 Shore Consulting
 Sacramento, California Area
"The Group has been very helpful. Probably because of the relevancy of the discussion topics. I find the majority of the posts helpful to my business. I also get very relevant responses back to the discussions I post as well.
-Brandon Cleveland
 Associate Broker / Sales Associate
 Meritage Homes
 Phoenix, AZ
"I've really enjoyed reading and engaging in topics brought up by the group, especially during these more trying times. Specifically from other parts of the country where they are having to reach deeper than we are in Texas to drive traffic, convert sales, and make money. We are all having to learn to do more with less and deliver better, more cutting edge products and services while enduring tighter credit and longer sales cycles. We've literally embarked on a social media campaign and have turned to more creative marketing than ever before due to the influence of our group.
-Jay Hankla 
 General Manager
 Shaddock Homes
 Dallas/Fort Worth Area
"As I look over the conversations and dialogues I think it is hugely important as an industry and as professionals to stay connected, network and share ideas. I also think it is extremely important as an industry that we strive to be professionals and the best at what we do. As sales professionals, are we constantly trying to improve our skills, are we reading, going to training, meeting with a mentor or being a mentor to a younger less experienced sales professional. I sometimes think we use these types of sites for job and consulting opportunities, which I think is good, but I would like to see us focus on how to raise our expertise and conversion rates to make a bigger impact for our builders, clients, bankers, investors and the country as a whole.
-Bobby Mink
 Operations Manager
 Alex G. Tetterton Homes
 Greater Atlanta Area


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