May 12 2010 Launches Brand New Advertising Model offers a new and exciting way to promote your new home community using a unique style of advertisement called a “Page Peel Effect”.’s page peel effect relies on CSS/Javascript to create the peel effect instead of Flash or other similar technologies, therefore there is no other plugins required for a user’s browser to see this type of ad.

A demo of this effect can be seen by visiting our San Diego New Homes Directory and hovering over the ad in the top right corner of the screen. Basically, there is a “page peel” in the upper right hand corner of a user’s screen, that when hovered over, a much larger graphic is “peeled down” from the top right corner of the page revealing the full ad.

To create this effect for your new home community, we need two graphics, and the URL you wish to have users redirected to when they click on your ad.

page_flip First, there is the page peel graphic itself. This image needs to be 614X638 pixels. The top right corner triangle of the graphic must be transparent (PNG or GIF format). This transparency allows the full ad to be visible when the actual ad is displayed.

An example of what this image looks like is displayed to the left.

Please keep in mind that this image will be contracted down to 125X125 pixels when the ad is not revealed and should look good at both the 125X125 pixel size and the original 614X638 pixel size as well as the transition between these sizes.



large2 Secondly, the revealed graphic should be 500X500 pixels in size. Please keep in mind that only the top, right corner of your ad will be visible when the peel has revealed the graphic.

In addition, the top right corner triangle of the top right 125X125 pixel patch of your graphic should represent what you want displayed when the ad has not yet been revealed much like the demo graphic on the left.





Finally, we will need to know what URL you wish to have your ad redirected to when a user clicks on the ad.

No other coding or other requirements are needed from you to display the ad on our website. No special programming is required on your website, unless you wish to have special analytics installed on your server to track the effectiveness of your campaign. If you have special parameters that need to be added to your URL string for these tracking purposes, please let your representative know.

Mike Sipes - CTO


Posted by: Mike Lyon | May 16 2010 1:58 PM

I think this a great way to implement banner advertising without cluttering up the page. Looks slick.

Posted by: DJ Lein | May 17 2010 2:21 PM

Very cool stuff! It's a very nice change of pace from the standard banner ad.

FYI, you cannot see the revealed graphic in IE6 (not that anyone should still be allowed to use IE6, I'm just sayin).


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