April 20 2010

EPA Announces New Energy Star Home Guidelines

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA announced that as of January 2011, more meticulous guidelines for any new home that would like to meet the Energy Star label will go into effect. These new requirements will make each new home built, at least 20 percent more energy efficient than homes that were built to the International Energy Conservation Code or IECC in 2009. What does this mean to homeowners that purchase an Energy Star home? Homeowners should see a 15 percent cut in their utility bills with any new home built under these new IECC codes.

Energy Star Logo

The new EPA guidelines will guarantee that the government backed Energy Star label will continue to represent a significant decrease in energy use over a home’s lifespan. The January 2011 Energy Star home guidelines include products that are energy efficient, cost efficient and enhance comfort for the homeowners. Energy Star home guidelines are:

Complete air sealing home insulated with high-performance energy efficient windows that improve both homeowner comfort and reduce utility bills.

Home heating and cooling that offer energy efficiency systems that are engineered to deliver  quiet operation as well as more moisture control. Heating and cooling systems are also required to be equipped with ventilation that improves the home air quality.

Energy efficient lighting and energy efficient appliances that are Energy Star qualified.

Additional ceiling fans that help reduce your monthly utility bills as well as providing energy efficiency.

The most import aspect of the new EPA Energy Star Home guidelines is that each Energy Star new home must be certified by a third-party. Verification by an independent Home Energy Rater that conducts a comprehensive series inspections and test system performance must be made before any new home is Energy Star qualified.



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