April 14 2010

EZ Moving And Storage Has Provided Michigan’s Ideal Moving Services

Since early 1994, EZ Moving and Storage has provided Michigan’s ideal moving services. EZ Moving and Storage is a locally owned operation and its founders were born and raised right here in Detroit. With this life-long association and dedication to the Metro Detroit area, this local Michigan moving service company has grown into a leading moving and storage service provider, that is determined to meet the needs of the community. Chances are that if you live in Michigan and you ask your friends, your realtor, and your colleagues if they have heard of EZ Moving and Storage, they will say, “Yes!”

Michigan Moving Services From EZ Moving and Storage

It has been EZ Moving and Storage’s goal to be a high quality Michigan moving service company focused on complete customer satisfaction. Whether you are in need of residential, a corporate office moved, government, or military moving services in Michigan, EZ moving and Storage can help. Over the last 21 years EZ Moving and Storage has successful performed over 14,500 Michigan moving services.
So how did this Michigan moving service company become so trusted within the community? Well at EZ Moving and Storage each one of their professional movers goes through a rigorous training program every year. It is only after a field tested when the mover has proven to provide a high quality standard, dose a mover become a certified relocation specialists.

Each one of these professional Michigan mover has the knowledge and experience to move you around the world or around the block! So if you need either your whole house moved or just your Big Screen TV, EZ Moving and Storage can help. EZ Moving and Storage dedicated moving team is devoted to being flexible to your needs. EZ Moving and Storage understands that the moving process can be stressful for you, and that is why this Michigan moving service takes pride in the fact that they can mobilize and respond to changes quickly. You can rest a sure that this Michigan moving services will make your move quick and easy!

During 2002 to 2006 EZ Moving and Storage had served as an agent for Paul Arpin Van Lines. During this time EZ moving and Storage had earned a 5 star agent quality rating for having the highest standards in representing the Van Line. Today, EZ Moving and Storage is serving as an Agent for Bekins Van Lines.

With EZ Moving and Storage knowledge and highest professional standards in Michigan moving services, EZ Moving & Storage along with Bekins agents have provided a variety of relocation services including free estimates, storage, packing, loading, unloading and hauling in order to meet your individual moving needs. With a partnership with Bekins, EZ Moving and Storage now as the capability to get you moved anywhere in the world quickly! So contact EZ Moving and Storage today for all your Michigan moving service needs.



Posted by: Molly Malone | June 15 2010 7:20 PM

We had an absolutely awful experience with EZ Moving and Storage!  We spent significant time and research gathering quotes and decided to use this company based on our positive first meeting and estimate.  The actual move and service from the movers was one of the worst customer service experiences we have ever encountered.  It is astonishing that Bekins is associated with this group.  They were almost 2 hours late which started the day off on a negative tone.  The group leader turned out to be extremely unprofessional, aggressive, beligerent.  After payment was made and we were informed we would not owe anything else if they went over the estimated time, the leader demanded to charge our card an extra hour or he threatened to leave our belongings in the parking lot.  We do not typically write reviews, but feel absolutely compelled to let our experience be known so that others are not taken by this company.  To top of the poor service and lack of customer quality care, we received NO follow up from management regarding this issue, even after we made several attempts at communication.  DO NOT use EZ  Moving and Storage.

Posted by: Cynthia Cashman | November 11 2011 2:25 PM

We agree with Ms. Malone and feel compelled to forewarn others of the unprofessionalism we experienced with EZ Movers.  We also find it astonishing that Bekins is associated with this organization.  Our story is the same, in fact almost the exact same experience.  We were very impressed with the initial meeting and estimate.  But everything following was absolutely horrible and the worst of our 6 moving experiences in the last 10 years.  Extremely late to arrive at pick-up and delivery.  Did not have the materials required to pack.  Extremely unprofessional, rude, and dishonest.  Unfortunately, our goods were placed into storage and obviously negligently handled and badly damaged.  As we've moved many times we expect some damage, but this was above and beyond the norm.  Boxes crushed, fragile boxes under heavy items, boxes marked this side up were upside down and our furniture and appliances were badly damaged.  It was a horrible experience.  

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