April 12 2010

Why Home Builders Should Be On CraigsList

Today, ComScore came out with its search engine rankings for March 2010.

Here are some of the search highlights.

Americans did 15.4 billion searches, which is up 7% from February 2010.

Still the dominant search king, Google leads search with 65.1% of all searches with over 14 billion searches!

Still showing strong reasons home builders need to have video incorporated into their marketing budgets, YouTube made up 3.7 billion of those Google searches - up 4% from last month.

CraigsList searches, up 6% from February, shows a staggering 664 million searches. Most home builders either are or are planning on allocating resources to Facebook and Twitter due to their large numbers of consumers, but is CraigsList being ignored?

I suggest to you that CraigsList is as important as Google when it comes to selling new homes. The real estate audience is larger than many give credit.

Don't have the resources to put your communities on CraigsList?

Each new community that gets added to NewHomesDirectory.com gets manually entered into CraigsList - all according to their terms of service.

Contact Jessica Earle, Marketing Director, at 1-866-540-6607 for more details.


Posted by: topsy.com | April 12 2010 10:44 PM

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Posted by: Mike Lyon | April 13 2010 8:01 AM

Craigslist is a great traffic driver! Now that you can put this on autopilot, it is a no brainer for builders. Keep on innovating guys!

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