October 23 2009

EpconCommunities.com Undergoes An Enterprise Level Upgrade

It’s been almost four months since we officially began upgrading the EpconCommunities.com website.  We’ve spent hundreds of hours building the Epcon Communities website into an enterprise level application that can compete with competitor websites. The first two months, we spent approximately 160 hours on debugging malfunctioning parts of the site. The last two months, we’ve spent approximately 140 hours upgrading the database, optimizing the website for search engines, and modifying the user interface.

Significant changes to the search engine optimization include:

  • Proper title tags
  • Proper description tags
  • Site crawl ability (bottom footer links)
  • Outside link additions. A community blog is written each day on the New Home Directory Home Buyers Blog with links to that community. To date, the NHD staff writer has written 91 different community blog stories.

Significant changes to the user interface include:

  • The tab link to the newly developed Epcon.TV site
  • Streamlining the Community Search path – Communities Tab. Now there is just one search instead of 4 ways to search (that didn’t work anyway☺)
  • The display of Geo-Mapping on the specific state pages
  • The customized Epcon mapping pin on the community map
  • The display of community listings under the community map
  • The addition of HD Video graphic for each community
  • The display of a Google map on each Community Directions page

Significant changes to the database include added fields for:

  • Address
  • City
  • Zip
  • Phone Number
  • Min-Max Bedrooms
  • Min-Max Bathrooms
  • Min-Max Square Footage
  • Min-Max Price
  • Latitude – Longitude for the mapping function
  • The HD Video link
  • Customized auto-responses for both email sign up forms

What all this means is that all critical SEO and content generation on EpconCommunities.com is completely commanded and controlled by the management console.  All parts of the website now work in sync with each other.  When a new community is added to the website, all parts of the website are updated with it including the location pins in the maps. The cost of maintenance has drastically dropped due to the added automation.

Epcon.TV now has over 120 HD videos representing each of the co-op participating communities.  Epcon Communities is leading the building industry in rich video content.  There is no other builder nationwide with a full-blown TV channel dedicated to video media. Congratulations!

If anyone has any questions about any of the modification made to the site, please contact me and let's chat.  The SEO still has a ways to go but getting the main pages listed in the Google search results is a start.  Very few of the pages were found prior to our work.  Now you can search State new homes (e.g. Ohio new homes) and the Epcon Communites state page is appearing on pages 2-3.  


Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory .com


Posted by: launceston computer shops | October 27 2009 3:40 AM

I just browsed through the site epconcommunities.com and I really love the layout and design is decent and yes its not the best SEO design but still I think with good advertising the site will perform a lot better. good luck with your success with it.

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