August 27 2009

What Video Means To Home Builders – More Opportunity

Video streaming and viewing continues to rise.  The Nielsen Co reported that video streams have risen to 11.2 billion and that video views have ascended to just under 136 million for July 2009!  This is a 31.4% and 14.2% increase respectively over July 2008.

YouTube continues to dominate the video space with over 7 billion streams and over 104 million unique viewers for July 2009.  Distant challengers include Hulu with over 383 million streams, and Yahoo! with over 265 million streams. A side note: my kids contribute daily to the YouTube and Yahoo! stream usage:)

The trend is clear.  Consumers continue to eagerly engage video online. Video is quickly becoming a consumer expectation online.

What this means for home builders: Builders have an opportunity to connect more powerfully with consumers if they have video content that will help consumers shop and make home buying decisions. Video livens and enriches the consumer’s online experience and creates more opportunity for the builder to connect, build trust, and sell to that consumer.  While video does provide increased sales opportunity, it also enriches the builder's brand.  Most videos are viral friendly.  This means it's easy for one person to share that video with friends; typically through email and embedding capabilities.

The more a builder takes advantage of the video / consumer opportunity, the greater chance that builder has at reaching, connecting, and creating viral opportunities with multiple home buyers. One of the biggest opportunities for home builders to use video is the development of a builder TV channel.

Epcon Communities, a Columbus based franchise home builder has embraced video and their consumers by developing Epcon TV.  This builder TV channel provides high quality videos of their communites.  While still in it's infancy, there are just under 100 new home community videos to further engage their consumers.  I personally know of no other home builder that has committed resources to develop an entire TV channel on a .TV domain.  Hats off to Epcon Communities for their progressive mindset and taking consumer engagement to the next level of video.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes



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