May 24 2009

.TV Is The Next .COM

You used to have to have special skills to publish content to the Internet.  Today you can set up a free blogging account with and be publishing within minutes.

You’ve seen the YouTube phenomenon.  Did you know there are now more searches on YouTube than Yahoo!?  Did you know you can publish HD video to YouTube?  I see the same trend with video as with what has happened with blog publishing.  

Hardware is cheaper.  Bandwidth is faster.  Bandwidth is cheaper.  Video creation software comes with the Mac and Microsoft Window operating systems.  The technology for publishing video publishing to the Internet is here.  It will get much easier and much cheaper.

Having your own TV channel is right around the corner.  Very soon you won’t have to publish your video on YouTube; you’ll be able to create your own TV channel just like you can create your own blog now.

Video is creeping up on us like blogging did and is going to explode.  Get your .TV domain now so that when you develop your own TV channel you won’t have to beg and buy your TV domain from a slimy domain broker.  Worse yet is to have your TV channel on a non .TV domain.  Having a video channel on a non .TV domain will be like having a .NET domain.  Ugh.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes


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