May 21 2009

The Future of Personal Calling Cards

While the Internet has brought about the most convenient way of communicating, it has also brought more noise and distractions than we could ever have imagined.  In spite of being more efficient and getting things done faster, it seems we are busier than ever.  I’m busy.  The people I do business with are busy.  I rarely even pick up the phone and call a business associate out of the blue.  I email them and ask for a time to chat.

As convenient as Social media communication is, the number of social media profiles has gotten out of hand.  I have a blog, a Jim Adams Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a MySpace page, a Flickr account, and a Jim Adams Google profile.  

How do you share all your accounts with your friends and colleagues?  
This is not going to work.

The .ME domain is the answer.  I’ve purchased plain business cards with one thing on it –

GoDaddy is promoting the .ME domain as a personal domain used for personal blogs, etc.  I am using the .ME domain to display all my social media profiles.  Each social media account is represented by the appropriate icon, with a link to that profile.  No more having all those crazy links in my email signature.  Just ‘Visit me socially at Jim Adams .me’.  No more sending a chotic number social media links to my friends and colleagues – Just

I’ve purchased the .ME domain for my entire family.  It’s the future of personalized calling cards.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes



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