February 20 2009

Seeing what others don't see

Mike Sipes, NHD's dark lord of technology sent out an email to the entire company today and I was struck so by his sincerity I am compelled to post it here.  I hope Jim doesn't freak. 

Ed Doss, Internet Marketing Specialist

Here's the unaltered email. 

Hi guys,
As with most of Jim’s ideas, I don’t really see the genius of them until later on down the road.  It happened with the Buzz site, the new homes pro site, and it happened with the blog where I did them, but I didn’t really see where the payoff was until something came along later to convince me that Jim really does know what he’s talking about.  I have learned over time to just trust him, and that he DOES know what he’s doing, but it takes me a little longer to really understand what it’s all about.
With the buzz site, this moment was seeing our stats and Jim showing me himself our positioning on a lot of these stories.  I have just been really impressed how quickly we got great positioning for some of the search terms we are in.
With the new homes pro site, just seeing how many people we have hooked up on the network and the great content that Ed and Jim have come up with has convinced me this was a great idea.  A lot of this success has come from the incredible work Ed has been doing with this, and I commend him for it.
On the company blog, as well as Ed’s blogs, I didn’t see the incredible genius of this until I started doing my OWN personal blog just to play around with the concept, to keep me up even LATER at night then I already was staying up, and to see what kind of response that I got to really realize that Jim is getting MUCH more exposure and with BIG names BECAUSE of this whole social networking concept.  It got me to work even harder on my personal blog, and I’ve turned other people into bloggers to tell their own stories.  I’ve met some really great people through my blogging and it’s a lot of fun.
Well, I had another shocker moment yesterday morning watching Good Morning America with this story:
Now tell me, doesn’t this just SCREAM NewHomesDirectory.TV at you?  I screamed at the TV yesterday morning telling it that WE do that and my kids looked at me funny, but it sure did make me feel better.  This just proves to me, once again, that Jim is just a Great Idea Rain Man.
It hit me in the face again, that I really shouldn’t laugh at Jim’s ideas.  Somehow this dude just knows what to do and when to do it!  I bow down to his utter genius and look forward to working on the next “crazy idea”.
Jim Adams, I present you with today’s Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” award.  I’ll let Ed sing you a little song for it, because my singing voice really sucks.
"Get on and get found!"
Mike Sipes
msipes at newhomesdirectory.com
39977 Savanna Way
Murrieta, CA 92563
tel: 951-894-6621
fax: 951-894-6622


Posted by: Mike Sipes | February 20 2009 4:58 PM

Hi Ed,

Thanks for posting that.  A couple of stats that I didn't include in that email from that segment:

80% of people looking for a home, do research for that home on the Internet.
50% of people using the Internet peruse videos based websites.

These are just amazing stats and really make you stop and think!

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