February 12 2009

Redefine in 2009

New Homes Directory.com is redefining itself in 2009.  Playing in the shadows of the new home online media space for its first eight years, it's now time to let the world of home building know that we can help them make money through the online consumer experience.  Over the last year, we've completed our enterprise level back end of New Homes Directory.com, we developed the building industry's press release website, we're just coming out of beta for New Homes Directory.TV, and we started the New Homes Professional Network, the second largest LinkedIn network of new home professionals. The NAHB's LinkedIn network is the largest.

New Homes Directory.com is the only new home listing service of its kind - take a look at the design.

NHDBuzz.com, after been breathing for 240 days now, is displaying 769 new home press and news releases.  Those stories have been viewed over 3 million times and have been found for tens of thousands of search terms.

New Homes Directory.TV is the first new home video site delivered in high definition.  We have completely redefined model home videos for music lovers by licensing hundreds of popular artists and songs.  Not everyone likes the popular music but the popularity of the iPod, iTunes, Amazon Music, Yahoo! Music, etc., tells us that music is important to a large segment of consumers.  Those are the consumers we are trying to reach.

Like everyone else, I have my strengths and weaknesses.  Consequently, New Homes Directory.com has the same strengths, and it has the same weaknesses.  My personal greatest weakness through 2008 has been growth through sales - the sales process and the sales system (there was none).  As a result growth for our company has been sporadic and inconsistent, with little to no attention given to it from NHD from an executive level.  I have determined in 2009 that I will no longer let my weakness remain and I will certainly not let growth be a weakness of this company.

Personally, I have decided that I will sharpen my sales skill set and no longer let that be a weakness.  As a sponge, I will absorb the skills of some of the best in our industry - people like Jeff Shore and Mike Lyon.  I hope to meet Myers Barnes later this year also.  These guys know how it's done.

What does this mean for me personally?  What does this mean for the professionals of New Homes Directory.com?  It means change.

We will be implementing a much more growth centric system and process for our sales professionals.  Both Jeff Shore and Mike Lyon will be coming to train our sales professionals.  2009 is our year to redefine.  Redefine our company, redefine our practices, redefine our skill sets, redefine our standards, and redefine our expectations.

Today, Seth Godin posted a blog about algorithms, which he defines as a set of instructions that allows you to solve a problem. 

Here's part of his post. "Ideas that spread, win. Sometimes ideas get changed in transmission, and sometimes those changed ideas spread even farther and with more impact than the ideas that came before them.

In business, if you lock down ideas, make them difficult to change and spread and have impact, you fail. If you accept the fact that change is real, that there is competition for your ideas and that amplifying the good stuff works, you can grow and thrive.

Your organization (and your career) either embraces change and turmoil and sudden shifts in the rules or you fear it. In times of rapid change (that would be now), embracing the algorithm of the evolution of ideas and systems is a significant competitive advantage."  Read the power of an algorithm.

Here's a small tribute to Redefine in 2009.

Jim Adams - April Adams
Barbara Rossoll - Mike Sipes
Ruth Kincaid - Ed Doss
Gina Scott





Posted by: Mike Lyon | February 13 2009 12:08 PM

It's all about market share right...love the pics.

Posted by: Dawn Sadler | February 14 2009 4:20 PM

Jim - This is a great post, and one I can relate to. New media and home building are two things that are changing constantly and rapidly. It's an exciting ride, but finding the balance between growth and depth, strategy and action, is always a challenge. I look forward to the exciting new roles and resources that New Homes Directory will provide as an industry leader in 2009. Cheers!

Posted by: Jim | February 14 2009 5:07 PM

Thank you for the comments. Mike, getting more market share is a key focus in 09. I've heard you preaching this several times this year.

Dawn, we are in the middle of redefining ourselves this year but I admit I got the blog post idea from your post called "All Hail The [New Media] Chief" http://www.ideaonemedia.com/blog/?p=429. Thanks for your encouragement. We should be providing some fantastic consumer preference data in 09 that will help builders better understand their new audience.

I don't think most people have understood the significance of the image designs above.  It's the Obama Presidential campaign design.

Check out the pic here. threeminds.organic.com/images/2008/01/obama.jpg


Posted by: Jeff Shore | February 17 2009 4:31 PM

I'm proud to be associated with your success, Jim.  You are a picture of Victor Frankl's words (paraphrased) - We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can always control our response to our circumstances.  

All the best to you and your team.

Jeff Shore

Posted by: Jim Adams | February 17 2009 4:54 PM

Thanks for the encouragement Jeff. Can't wait to see you in March. Anyone who can survive the Holocaust and have even an iota of optimism left is an amazing human being. Love the quote. Jim

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