January 11 2009

NHD Stats Live and Google Analytics - Litmus Test

I've written this blog post as a way to show definatively the LIVE and accurate status of the New Homes Directory.com (NHD) stats reporting system because we have had Google Analytics discrepancies.

NHD Live Stats uses a simple database script that counts each time a user clicks on a community link. When a click occurs, 1 is added to the existing number of clicks in the database for that community.  The best way to see how the stats work is by doing the following, what I call, litmus test.

New Homes Directory Stats and Google Analytics Litmus Test

The purpose of this litmus test is to resolve the discrepancy between the number of clicks NHD reports compared to the number of referrals Google Analytics reports.

Browser Window 1 - Open the NewHomesDirectory.com page where one of your communities are listed. For the sake of this test, we'll call the community, Community X.  Community X represents the community we will be referring to during this litmus test.

Browser Window 2 - Login to NHD's Live Stats and find the report that shows the number of current click thrus for Community X. Note the number of clicks for Community X.

Browser Window 3 - Login to Google Analytics and find the report that shows the number of referrals for Community X. Note the number of referrals for Community X.

Go to the NewHomesDirectory.com page where Community X is and click on the community link.

Refresh the NHD report page.  The number of clicks for Community X will increase by one.

Refresh the Google Analytics referring report page.  You will notice that the report will not change.

The purpose of this litmus test is to show that the number of clicks reported by NHD are correct and the number of referrals that GA displays is incorrect.

There are solutions to increase the reporting accuracy of Google Analytics, however, it is also important to understand that the stats NHD delivers each month to clients are completely accurate.


Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory.com


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