January 11 2009

Google Analytics Discrepancies - Updated March 2010

This blog post addresses the discrepancies that are occuring between the number of clicks New Homes Directory.com is reporting as compared to the number of clicks Google Analytics (GA) is reporting in the referrers report. I completely understand your need to explain the discrepancies betweenthe traffic NHD is recording and the traffic Google Analytics isshowing so I have talked to several other people and researched the topic on the web.

It has been our experience that GA is signifantly under reporting referring clicks from web sources other than Google Adwords.  After having more research done on GA, it appears NHD is not alone when it comes to GA under reporting traffic from all outside referring sites. 

Below are a few comments from people using PPC ads on Facebook. 

Here are some additional complaints and links to their discussions.

The clicks I pay for from Facebook don't match the recorded hits from Facebook on my google analytics.  For example on the 6th of April I paid for 49 clicks directly to my site but my google analytics package only received 8 hits from Facebook.  

The tracking code is correct on each page as it records a couple of hits per page so not sure why they are so different.  Any help would be appreciated?

I recently purchased some advertising on facebook. I got a fair amount of clickthroughs, about the same I get a day from adwords. however when I go to check my analytics stats the next day, I see no mention of these visitors in analytics. I am certain the ad was set up properly. Any thoughts?


Hi all,
we've been running multiple facebook ad campaigns with much success lately. According to facebook ad reporting, we get anywhere between 300 and 400 clicks per day per ad. However, when I go to GA for that target site (where the ads send people to) the traffic source (facebook.com) indicates that there were between 5 and 7 visits for any given day. How come this discrepancy? Any ideas? Have you experienced the same issue?



Additionally, I found a great third party blog post about the reliability of Google Analytics (GA).  Notice the blog post was posted August of 2006.  There are currently 75 replies – the last comment being posted February of 2009.  There are hundreds of web pages that support the unreliability of GA, particularly as it pertains to UNDER reporting traffic.  While we are always trying to find a solution, we are currently writing an official statement for all of our GA using builder clients.  It will include a reference to this blog post.

This recently has become a major topic of discussion with several builder clients because of our PPC fee model along with the increasing popularity of GA.  Because Google has become one of the most popular brands in this country, it almost goes without saying that Google could be inaccurate.


In a nutshell, GA can not be relied on for an accurate measure of referring traffic.

There are, however, things you can do to increase the accuracy of Google Analytics but it may not improve to 100%.

MARCH 2010 Google Analytics Discrepancy UPDATE

I've been doing some Google AdWords campaigns and found it interesting that Google Analytics is even under-reporting Google AdWords. The image below shows a three day Google AdWord campaign. It shows a total of 28 clicks.

This image is of my Google Analytics.  It shows a total of only 20 referring clicks from my Google AdWord campaign. In this short two day campaign, Google Analytics is already under-reporting by 29%. 


Please, don't get me wrong.  I love Google Analytics and I think GA is so good for our industry. It's just very important that we all understand that the numbers are not 100% accurate. It's no big deal, we just need to know.


Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory.com



Posted by: PPC Packages | May 10 2010 2:04 AM

thanks for this information please tell me detail information about rating factor of ppc rate of per click

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