December 10 2008

Builders Reach More Consumers By Using

As of today, NHD Buzz, the building industry's press release website, has 523 press releases from 180 publishers and those press releases have been viewed 2,197,973 times. I just reviewed the web server stats. What I found was that NHD Buzz stories have been found and visited for over 970 different consumer search phrases.  View all the Buzz search phrases for November 2008 BuzzStats11-08.xls (77.00 kb). Just a few notable search phrases include:

mattamy homes orlando
k hovnanian homes
mbk homes
dr horton southern california
brookfield homes green
how to write a new hire press release
ryland homes new york ny
centex condominiums
ryland homes 2008 incentives
teramachi homes los angeles
unique penthouses
ashton woods homes orlando fl
skyline condominiums boston ma
You buzz publishers should be lifted up and proud of yourselves.  It takes time to write these stories.  It takes time to get them on the buzz.  You are benefiting your companies, your communities, and yourselves as professionals.  Your stories are on the Internet and they are being found by your consumers.  This is part of the new marketing frontier.  
Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes


Posted by: Lance Naismith | December 12 2008 6:59 AM

A good source for getting information on builders.  For those considering a house inspector, you might want to visit to get the information on why a house inspector is needed on new builds.

Posted by: Jim | December 13 2008 6:26 AM

Hi Lance, thank you for contributing.  Both your complaint and your advice are respected and appreciated. This would have also been a good comment for the blog post entitled 'When Consumers Attack'. is excellent advice.

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