December 21 2008

Pardee Homes Boosts Reputation By Using NHD Buzz

In June of 2008 Sarah Cook and I met with Jessica Heinz of Pardee Homes to pitch a new application we were developing for builders.  The essence of the application was a press release website for home builders to promote their companies, their communities, and the marketing professionals of those companies.  With free sign up, and unlimited press release postings, these stories would be found on Google searches that would contribute to the builders online reputation.

We've seen the negative reputation builders can have because of negative consumer testimonials found through Google searches for builder company names.  If you are not familiar with what can happen, read When Consumers Attack.

On July 7, 2008 Jessica Heinz posted three press releases to NHD Buzz.  Today a Google search for Pardee Homes displays the Buzz story entitled Pardee Homes Nationally Honored at 2008 IBS in the number 7 position. 

Pardee Homes Buzz


In addition, a Google search for Jessica Heinz displays Jessica Heinz Press Releases on NHD Buzz in the number 6 position.


Jessica Heinz Buzz

It's all playing out just like we envisioned.  Jessica is filling up the first page of results with positive stories about Pardee Homes while at the same time she is filling up the first page of results with great PR about herself as a professional.  In short, Jessica is successfully marketing both Pardee Homes and herself as a professional in the new frontier of marketing.  Great job Jessica, keep it up.

Still not sure how easy it is?  Read Builders Reach More Consumers By Using  All you have to do is post your builder and community stories and NHD Buzz takes care of the rest.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes



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