December 20 2008

Video Is The Next Consumer Expectation

I've been saying this for about 8 months.  The train has officially left the station.  ComScore just announced on December 18, that YouTube searches make up 25% of all Google searches and that YouTube searches are greater than Yahoo! searches.  Are you kidding me?  Just six short years ago, Yahoo! search was king.  And now they are out searched by a video site?  Yep.  Don't blink.  You may miss something.

It just so happens 8 months is how long we've been working to develop NewHomesDirectory.TV.  It will be in beta for a few more months as we anticipate working out the bugs we aren't aware of yet.  New members, please be patient.  For all intents and purposes, the site is up and running.  Current videos have been produced for K. Hovnanian Homes, D.R. Horton Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Pacific Ridge Homes, and Shea Homes.  Others are beginning to trickle in so stay tuned.

You know what else?  On the same day (December 18, 2008) the YouTube blog announced its High Definition roll out.

It all makes perfect sense.  We love watching video.  It's easy.  Video is getting easier to produce.  Internet infrastructure is quickly evolving to support video.  Broadband continues to be more accessible, continues to get faster, and continues to get cheaper.  Over the next 5-10 years we will see Natural Selection as its finest.  Anyone not on this train will be left in the dust.  Caution: The traditional stale, lifeless, corporate videos are not going to cut it on the new frontier.  Can you see the YouTube pattern?  Authentic. Real. Raw.

Over the next 1-3 years we will see a proliferation of video blogs.  Get ready.  Do you have your '' domain?  I just bought JimAdams.TV today.  I'm not going to be left behind.

Stay tuned for NewHomesDirectory.TV.  Just when I thought that HD Video and Licensed Artist music was the end, it appears it is only the beginning.  We are working on some really cool stuff.  

Mike Sipes -  I'm going to blow you away with my next idea. 

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes 



Posted by: Mike Sipes | December 20 2008 9:51 PM

I'm looking forward to hearing about it.  Your ideas ALWAYS blow me away.  

Web 2.0 is here and people expect much more from their experience on the web these days.  Stale, boring, static websites are a thing of the past. People are expecting content that engages and not just fluff.

Sites like, NewHomesDirectory.TV, and , of course, give clients the ability to stand out above the other boring websites in this tough economic environment and help convert visitors to buyers.  In this highly competitive world, builders are looking for any and every edge to sell homes and, in my mind, our unique sites offer the type of no brainer advantages builders need to stand out in the crowd.

Keep up the good work, buddy, and I can’t wait to hear the newest idea!

Posted by: New Homes Blog | April 22 2010 11:09 AM

Video Stats Show Increasing Opportunity To Separate From Competitors

Video Stats Show Increasing Opportunity To Separate From Competitors

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