December 20 2008

3 Hours With Jeff Shore Changed My Life

3 hours with Jeff Shore changed my life.  7 years of presentations always left me feeling the same way...I wonder what will happen next?  I could never put my finger on that empty feeling in my stomach of not knowing whether my presentation hit the mark or not.  Can you imagine shooting at a target blindfolded?  You shoot then take off the blind fold to see if you hit the target.  Some times you do, but most often you do NOT.  That's been me.

After 3 hours with Jeff Shore (2 hours in a class and 1 hour over lunch), I no longer feel like I have to wonder what the outcome of my presentation will be.

Jeff Shore 's instruction has helped me identify why buyers buy and why they don't.  Knowing the elements I need to identify before I even begin my presentation gives me confidence that I can hit the bulls eye every time.
Jeff Shore specializes in new home sales training but selling is a personal and psychological skill that applies to pretty much the entire human race. 

Selling is a lot harder than it seems. If you or your team's presentations are not hitting the mark every time, you would be absolutely crazy to not get Jeff's assistance.  Visit his website at

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes


Posted by: Scott Stroud | March 4 2009 5:11 AM

Jim - I know that feeling:  Did I connect with my audience? Do they see the value of the instruction so they can put it to immediate use?  Been there. And I agree with you about Jeff Shore, too - he doesn't have to wonder; he connects!  I got a lot out of our interview with Jeff on BuilderRadio, which airs on March 9, 2009.

Thanks for sharing.  
Scott Stroud
The Selling More Homes Podcast at

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