November 14 2008

BIS Show 2008 Video Blog

I spoke with Mike Lyon, author of 'Browsers To Buyers' yesterday and during our conversation he threw out the idea of doing a video blog at the IBS in Las Vegas in January.  I thought it was a fresh idea so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Here's to you Mike.  

Attendance at the BIS Show, as you might imagine, was leaner compared to past years and the economic and housing news didn’t contribute much to enhancing our optimism.  Times are tough now in California and everyone here feels it.  Spending is down and consumer confidence is low, low.

A bright spot in the conference was the Sales & Marketing Roundtable yesterday (Thursday, Nov. 13th).  This was the first ever BIS Roundtable session.  The Roundtables were dynamic sessions covering a range of topics that are at the forefront of discussions in today’s market.  

I was both an attendee and a moderator along with Cindy Douglas, V.P. of Sales & Marketing - MIRM, from Ponderosa Homes. Ponderosa Homes builds in both Northern California and Southern California. Attendees were encouraged to engage the moderators as well as other attendees in close, interactive discussions relevant to their businesses.  We all had the opportunity to ask questions and share personal experiences in a network setting.

I felt that everyone in the Sales & Marketing roundtable was energized by the fact that we all seemed to connect on several topics.   My feeling is that housing professionals need to feel connected to others facing the same challenges because together, we feel we can survive this market.  Together, we can do it.

Watch a few of those who responded to the roundtable.   I know it's raw, but that's life. Thank you Bobbie, Cindy, and Christy for being brave enough to comment on video. Here is the YouTube video. Make sure to click the 'Watch in high quality' link for the good stuff.

Jim Adams - CEO - New Homes


Posted by: Mike Lyon | November 14 2008 8:04 PM

Beautiful! Love it...gimme more. Now!

Posted by: Jim Adams | November 15 2008 5:02 PM

Glad you like it Mike.  After all, it was your idea.  I can definately see having multiple short videos with a text caption at the top describing who's speaking and what they are speaking about.  That way visitors could choose to watch only the snippets they wish.

I definately think we should give this a whirl at the IBS.


Posted by: Carol Ruiz | November 19 2008 6:02 PM


Thanks for agreeing to co-moderate the Sales & Marketing table during the Roundtable Session at BIS.  I noticed that your table was constantly full of attendees and that the conversation was really lively.  I have heard great things about the Roundtable Session from both moderators and attendees and while we didn't get overwhelming numbers of attendees, everyone agreed that this was a really beneficial way to connect with peers and brainstorm solutions. Everyone who called or emailed me after, said they got to know the people at their respective tables better than if they had listened to a panel presentation, that they made great business contacts and want to participate again next year.

So, let's do it again at BIS '10!

Carol Ruiz
BIS Committee
VP of Public Relations for redrocket LA

Posted by: Oscar Thibidoux | November 21 2008 2:15 PM

I'm not surprised that the BIS show attendance was low.  It seems that everyone is cuting back right now.

Posted by: Cindy Douglas | December 2 2008 3:18 PM


I finally got a chance to see the video blog and thought it was great!  I loved the roundtable format at the BIS show and hope that it happens again in 2010!  Thanks for co-moderating the roundtable, hosting a great blog and providing builders a chance to "sound off" about topics that are important to us!

Cindy Douglas
VP Sales and Marketing
Ponderosa Homes

Posted by: | July 6 2011 1:36 AM

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