September 4 2008

SNHBA Turn the Tables

The 9th Annual “Turn the Tables” Night

Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, Las Vegas Nevada, September 3rd.  Sarah Cook, Director of Corporate Accounts -New Homes and I attended this event where associate members of the SNHBA gathered to meet builders one-on-one.  It was my pleasure to meet Monica Caruso, SNHBA, Director of Public Affairs and Dr. Joseph A. Pantuso, Environmental and Urban Affairs Specialist in person.  In a short conversation, we talked about New Homes and our relationship with GBI (The Green Building Initiative) and how we can work together to promote Green Building for the SNHBA membership.

Sarah and I were fortunate to meet many shakers, makers and leaders of Southern Nevada’s active and involved home building companies.  Everyone representing these builders was open, and gracious.  Some of these industry leaders included; Robyn of Concordia Homes, Rich Aguirre of Storybook Homes, Melonie Cook of Desertwind Homes,  Sia Howe of Astoria Homes, Duke Meadows of Signature Homes and David McEntire of Amstar Homes.

We felt like this was a fantastic opportunity to share our products and services with the builders and developers of Las Vegas.  We appreciate the SNHBA putting this event together and feel this event was of great value to us and other associate members of the association.  I wish more associations would realize how valuable these are to associate members and put on events just like this one.

Barbara Rossoll
V.P. Marketing
New Homes


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