June 17 2008

NHD Buzz Unleashed

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 marks the date New Homes Directory.com unveils and unleashes NHDBuzz.com, the building industry's premier Press Release and Public Relations Internet media.  “Today’s social media has broadened the PR and online marketing frontier and we want to provide a simple means by which building industry professionals can get out their information”, says Jim Adams, CEO of NewHomesDirectory.com.

NHD Buzz is a new home community and real estate media center that puts the control in the hands of industry professionals.  Sign up and logging in is easy and takes about 1 minute. After that you are buzzing away.  The premise behind NHD Buzz is allowing industry professionals the opportunity to promote their properties on the Internet without the limitations of cost or relying on others. Everyone can do it themselves and take control of the flow of information displayed on the Internet.  "This is a great opportunity for builders to manage their reputation online,” says Barbara Rossoll, VP of Sales & Marketing for NewHomesDirectory.com.  NHD Buzz is the building industry's answer for reputation management online.

The press releases on NHD Buzz are fed into Google, Google News, Google Blogs, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, MSN, Ask, and several other Internet Media portals.  NHD Buzz provides the building industry another Internet Media solution crafted for new home builders.

NHD Buzz is still in Beta so if anyone has any issues please call the NewHomesDirectory.com support number at 951-894-6621.

Jim Adams
CEO - New Homes Directory.com


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