May 13 2008

Green Home Expo

Green Home Expo – May 8, 2008 – Sacramento Convention Center

The Sacramento Convention Center was a buzz today with the Green Home Expo event.  The convention center floor was filled with booths showcasing products to make your home more efficient and green for the environment.  In addition to the wide array of products there were seminars going on in meeting rooms that talked about how to build “Green Homes”, make your home “Green”, and utilize the power of the sun, and on and on. 

Attending this event was important for me because in my work I do not build homes so I am not as knowledgeable about the requirements to making a home or community “Green”.  On that same note, as an advertiser I want to understand the standards so that when I list a green home community I am sure that it is in fact green according to the California standards. 

I wanted to sit in on the “Marketing and Selling Green Homes” seminar to understand the difference builders are facing when advertising green homes.  This was an interesting seminar that touched on many aspects of the selling process and outlined a definite need to make sure those selling green homes were educated and knowledgeable about the differences and the benefits of this type of home. 

I was running a few minutes behind so by the time I got to the expo the first session had started.  I went in and they were already going through the presentation.  There were maybe 10-15 people in there.  Everything that I heard was geared toward how to sell the homes and market them, not advertise them.  They spoke to the point that the sales people had to have training and the different types of sales offices with fancy videos that they play.  They then showed a video but the overhead wasn't working so they turned around the laptop that they were using and well it was hard to see!  After that they asked for questions and I don't believe anyone asked any.  Most people just got up and left.  I was hoping there would be more ‘how to advertise green homes’ but the content was still excellent.  The presenter was Rochelle Barcellona from The Barcellona Group.  I liked the presentation from Justin Dunning because even though I am not a builder I gained a better understanding of what our clients go through to get these homes to market.  I think we are right on target with the Internet being the best fit for the Green homes because the profile for the Internet shopper and the Green Home buyer is virtually the same.

I also sat in on the seminar, “Cost Effective Green Building”.   This to me was an eye opening look at green homes and the impact they make on the environment and the people who occupy these homes.  As I listened to the presenters what struck me the most was that these homes engineered and designed to be easier on the environment are actually proving to be easier on the owner, as well.  From floor to ceiling and beyond, these homes save energy, water, resources, time and effort.  How often do you turn on the faucet and wait for the hot water to get there?  I know I can usually do something else while I wait.  With the new green standards they have designed a way to use smaller pipes to limit the amount of cold water that is wasted going down the drain before the hot water arrives.   Another feature of these homes is focused on the air quality inside.  Homes are being designed with better filtering systems that not only provide improved air quality, but lessen the dust particles in your home, this means less dusting!  This concept even goes outside the home.  Planting drought resistant plants and limiting the percentage of yard that is covered with grass saves so much water and yard maintenance time.   Less mowing seems like a great trade off!  The list keeps going.  One other important detail shared during the presentation is that a recent study from a builder that built and sold a community of green homes reported no service calls to the home builder.  What a great bonus, better for the environment, the builder, and the consumer.

“Going Green” can mean a lot of things when it comes to your home.   One of the most important things to remember is everyone can have a green home.  Not only are green homes affordable, they are efficient and save time and money.   And who doesn’t want to save a little Green?”

Ruth Kincaid - Executive Assistant to the CEO
New Homes


Posted by: Prefab Green Homes | December 15 2008 12:48 PM

Sounds like the Green Home Expo was a hit!

I hope I get the chance to make it to an event like this sometime. I would be really interested in learning about all the new and exciting "green" features they offer in homes, as well as homes designed specifically around being green.


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