August 18 2014

New Homes Directory is Making Big Waves in the Building Industry

New Homes Directory is making big waves in the building industry and is no longer seen as a small fish in the competitive sea of digital marketing, but is now swimming right alongside brand names like and Trulia. In addition, New Homes Directory seems to be taking the lead in delivering the best qualified traffic to home builders.

Recently O’Neil Interactive released a study on the web traffic a builder receives from digital marketing companies. The study broke down which sources deliver the most traffic and the quality of the traffic that source provided. The study showed that had produced the most volume of traffic to builder sites over New Home Guide,, New Home Source, Trulia and Zillow. Of course more is not always better. Builders want to see high quality traffic, not just volume. Again the study showed that was the leading digital marketing company! Check out the O’Neil Interactive video on what digital marketing sites are best for new home builders:

June 16 2010

Video Themes That Will Captivate Your New Home Buying Audience

Every video at is made with the sole purpose of helping our new home builders get found on the internet and also it is yet another great tool that our new home builders can use to display their beautiful new homes to potential homebuyers.

The next generation of homebuyers are very internet savvy and want something more than a billboard or newspaper ad.  Let’s face it we are in the age of iPhones/Smart Phones that have applications that allow a user to do virtually anything right from their phone which includes looking at videos, social media and websites.  There are five videos that each have a theme:

  • Scrapbook: When you look at a scrapbook you get a sense of someone’s creative/fun side to show off their pictures. That is the essence that we were trying to capture to display the scrapbook theme video.
  • Photo Album: Imagine yourself sitting with your grandma admiring pictures of yourself and family members in her photo album with the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies in the air. We want to give your new homebuyers this sense of “home” when they look at the photo album themed video.
  • Film Strip: You’re a posh homebuilder in Los Angeles and you just built modern/hip condos meant for 20 something’s. To give your potential new homebuyers a mature vibe we suggest the film strip style theme.
  • Bulletin Board: To give your new homebuyers a sense of care-free living we chose the bulletin board theme. You can use this theme for virtually any kind of homebuilder.
  • Comic Book: Zap! Bang! After watching the comic book theme you have a sense that the homebuilder is funky and willing to take a few risks to reach potential new homebuyers.

If you would like to find out how you can get one of these amazing videos for your new home community contact us at or by calling 866-540-6607.

May 24 2010

New Home Advertising for the Next New Home Buyers, Generation Y

I recently got the opportunity to make a video that is a change of pace for me as most of the videos we make are done to showcase the model homes. The video I made for Ponderosa Homes highlights the quaint town of Pleasanton, California as well as the building process for making their new homes.

Through this video I learned that even though this new home community is not yet built it can leave a huge impact on potential new homebuyers to come and buy your new homes.  This new type of video is showing your potential new homebuyers how it all began and it also highlights what a great town/community they could live in.

So what’s the best way of going about getting your new homes out there through videos?  YouTube.

YouTube has hit a major milestone, it now receives more than two billion video views a day.  You might think your eyes are playing a trick on you but they’re not.  That means each day you do not have a video up on YouTube is another day that you missed out on potential new homebuyers.

Whether you’re just starting out on building the new homes in your community or you are in your final phase, it’s never too late to get your community and company name out there.

Article: "YouTube Surpasses Two Billion Video Views Daily" by

May 7 2010

Comic Books Can Sell New Homes

Many new homes builders use virtual tours as a way to captivate consumer’s attention to buy their homes.  But have you ever thought about another more cost effect and stylish way to showcase your beautiful new homes?

Using something as strange as a “comic book” theme to one of Epcon Communities new homes communities in one of our HD videos I want to show you how taking pictures of a beautiful new home and giving them a theme that you would never pick for selling new homes cannot only appeal to potential new home buyers but how it can also help them to choose you over some other builder who chose to do the same old “stuff”.

The best part about HD videos is that each video is featured on our site as well as and YouTube.  Meaning more places that your new home community is found on and more traffic to you.  The hard work is already done for you, so what you are waiting for?


May 6 2010

Increase Leads By Increasing Engagement

Research done by Eyeblaster, Microsoft Advertising, and comScore shows that the more a consumer engages your website, the higher the conversion.  Eyeblaster's 'Global Benchmark 2010' report examined billions of rich media impressions and found higher engagement resulted in higher conversions.  An increase in 'dwell rate' from 5% to 15% resulted in a 45% conversion increase.  Dwell rate was defined as a mouse over or some type of interaction with an ad.

Image provided by eMarketer.

Research also showed that high engagement led to a 39% increase in brand-related search engine searches and there are many studies that show brand related searches have a higher conversion than non-brand related studies.

What this means for home builders:

In order to get a lift in leads, there must be ample opportunity for a consumer to engage you.

Ways to increase consumer engagement are:

  1. Good content - Site content should be comprehensive and relevant to the entire home shopping experience.  This means school info, utility info, neighborhood info, area info, etc.
  2. Add video - This is the easiest and quickest component to increase engagement.  Consumers love video - the constant rising video stats prove it.
  3. Have a blog - Post at least weekly and let consumers know the lights are on AND you're home.
  4. Have a Facebook fan page and converse with consumers.
  5. Have a Twitter account and converse with consumers.

Increasing consumer engagement takes time and money.  If you home builders want a lift in online conversions, you're going to have to allocate more of your budget to the online world.  From my perspective, as an industry, we're getting there slowly but we have a long way to go.  There is still way too much money spent on traditional media and not near enough online.  For goodness sake, all our consumers are online - spend the money there.  All the tools are here for us to succeed; we just need to use them.

Jim Adams - CEO


April 22 2010

Video Stats Show Increasing Opportunity To Separate From Competitors

Video stats continue to show opportunity for homebuilders to separate themselves from their competitors.

Consider these numbers:

  • YouTube receives more than 100 million unique visitors and streams more than 6 billion videos monthly, according to Nielsen.
  • Users viewed 33.2 billion videos during the month of December 2009, according to comScore. 
  • 86.5 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in December 2009, according to comScore.

The ability of video to tell an in-depth story of a new home community, beyond a static picture and a 'request more information' button, gives video an unmatched advantage over builders not using video. On a similar note, video allows consumers to become engaged (a major YouTube ranking factors), building a stronger builder-to-consumer relationship, while at the same time leveraging a deeper insight into a builder's brand as well as the new home itself.  Video is quickly becoming a consumer expectation when looking for new homes.


Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory .com

February 9 2010

Go Big or Go Home - 2010 Sales Leadership Summit

On April 23, 2010, join Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest in Alexandria, Virginia as they meet with some of the best and brightest VPs of Sales, Directors and Managers from the homebuilding industry in a gripping, highly acclaimed one-day conference that will reshape your sales leadership vision at the “Go Big or Go Home” Sales Leadership Summit.

Are you a home builder who is still relying on one-on-one interviews to hire salespeople? If so, you need a new approach. Do your salespeople understand your standards of performance? If not learn how to formulate that vision and communicate it clearly at the “Go Big or Go Home” Sales Leadership Summit.

“Go Big or Go Home” summit will redefine the purpose of the salesperson, show you how to multiply your coaching time without multiplying your working time, how to implement the use of social media with salespeople, and how to re-charge tired inventory with successful case studies, just to name a few of the topics that Jeff and Jason will cover.

“It is time to recognize that the worst is behind us and the time to move forward is now. There are opportunities in the year to come that the homebuilding industry has not seen for decades. Opportunities to redefine who we will be in the market to come. Is your sales team ready to soar?”

If you are a Sales Manager, Director, Vice Presidents or anyone who directly manages sales professionals, this leadership summit is designed for you! The “Go Big or Go Home” Sales Leadership Summit will be lead by Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest. Jeff Shore has been an expert in new home sales training since 1992 and has had the privilege to teach and inspire thousands of sales professionals from the homebuilding industry. Learn how Jeff can help your team fulfill their highest selling potential.  Jason Forrest is a salesperson who understands sales by selling rather than observing. Jason is the author of Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market and 40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales. Jason Forrest and Jeff Shore are the creators of Shore Forrest Sales Strategies, Leadership Selling® and Leadership Selling® for Coaches, a 33-week blended-learning training curriculum for new home sales.

All prices for the “Go Big or Go Home” summit include a full day of conference activities and meals, plus the Sales Leadership Binder. Any Division President or Company Owner can attend FREE when attending with one or more of their sales managers. For more information, contact Cassandra Grauer at or call at 530-558-9109.



August 27 2009

What Video Means To Home Builders – More Opportunity

Video streaming and viewing continues to rise.  The Nielsen Co reported that video streams have risen to 11.2 billion and that video views have ascended to just under 136 million for July 2009!  This is a 31.4% and 14.2% increase respectively over July 2008.

YouTube continues to dominate the video space with over 7 billion streams and over 104 million unique viewers for July 2009.  Distant challengers include Hulu with over 383 million streams, and Yahoo! with over 265 million streams. A side note: my kids contribute daily to the YouTube and Yahoo! stream usage:)

The trend is clear.  Consumers continue to eagerly engage video online. Video is quickly becoming a consumer expectation online.

What this means for home builders: Builders have an opportunity to connect more powerfully with consumers if they have video content that will help consumers shop and make home buying decisions. Video livens and enriches the consumer’s online experience and creates more opportunity for the builder to connect, build trust, and sell to that consumer.  While video does provide increased sales opportunity, it also enriches the builder's brand.  Most videos are viral friendly.  This means it's easy for one person to share that video with friends; typically through email and embedding capabilities.

The more a builder takes advantage of the video / consumer opportunity, the greater chance that builder has at reaching, connecting, and creating viral opportunities with multiple home buyers. One of the biggest opportunities for home builders to use video is the development of a builder TV channel.

Epcon Communities, a Columbus based franchise home builder has embraced video and their consumers by developing Epcon TV.  This builder TV channel provides high quality videos of their communites.  While still in it's infancy, there are just under 100 new home community videos to further engage their consumers.  I personally know of no other home builder that has committed resources to develop an entire TV channel on a .TV domain.  Hats off to Epcon Communities for their progressive mindset and taking consumer engagement to the next level of video.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes


May 24 2009

.TV Is The Next .COM

You used to have to have special skills to publish content to the Internet.  Today you can set up a free blogging account with and be publishing within minutes.

You’ve seen the YouTube phenomenon.  Did you know there are now more searches on YouTube than Yahoo!?  Did you know you can publish HD video to YouTube?  I see the same trend with video as with what has happened with blog publishing.  

Hardware is cheaper.  Bandwidth is faster.  Bandwidth is cheaper.  Video creation software comes with the Mac and Microsoft Window operating systems.  The technology for publishing video publishing to the Internet is here.  It will get much easier and much cheaper.

Having your own TV channel is right around the corner.  Very soon you won’t have to publish your video on YouTube; you’ll be able to create your own TV channel just like you can create your own blog now.

Video is creeping up on us like blogging did and is going to explode.  Get your .TV domain now so that when you develop your own TV channel you won’t have to beg and buy your TV domain from a slimy domain broker.  Worse yet is to have your TV channel on a non .TV domain.  Having a video channel on a non .TV domain will be like having a .NET domain.  Ugh.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes

December 20 2008

Video Is The Next Consumer Expectation

I've been saying this for about 8 months.  The train has officially left the station.  ComScore just announced on December 18, that YouTube searches make up 25% of all Google searches and that YouTube searches are greater than Yahoo! searches.  Are you kidding me?  Just six short years ago, Yahoo! search was king.  And now they are out searched by a video site?  Yep.  Don't blink.  You may miss something.

It just so happens 8 months is how long we've been working to develop NewHomesDirectory.TV.  It will be in beta for a few more months as we anticipate working out the bugs we aren't aware of yet.  New members, please be patient.  For all intents and purposes, the site is up and running.  Current videos have been produced for K. Hovnanian Homes, D.R. Horton Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Pacific Ridge Homes, and Shea Homes.  Others are beginning to trickle in so stay tuned.

You know what else?  On the same day (December 18, 2008) the YouTube blog announced its High Definition roll out.

It all makes perfect sense.  We love watching video.  It's easy.  Video is getting easier to produce.  Internet infrastructure is quickly evolving to support video.  Broadband continues to be more accessible, continues to get faster, and continues to get cheaper.  Over the next 5-10 years we will see Natural Selection as its finest.  Anyone not on this train will be left in the dust.  Caution: The traditional stale, lifeless, corporate videos are not going to cut it on the new frontier.  Can you see the YouTube pattern?  Authentic. Real. Raw.

Over the next 1-3 years we will see a proliferation of video blogs.  Get ready.  Do you have your '' domain?  I just bought JimAdams.TV today.  I'm not going to be left behind.

Stay tuned for NewHomesDirectory.TV.  Just when I thought that HD Video and Licensed Artist music was the end, it appears it is only the beginning.  We are working on some really cool stuff.  

Mike Sipes -  I'm going to blow you away with my next idea. 

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes 




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