February 24 2020

The BIASC and NewHomesDirectory.com Team Up to Create the New Homes Showcase

BIASC New Homes Showcase

The Building Industry Association of Southern California, also known as the BIASC, has announced the creation of its brand new platform, the BIASC New Homes Showcase. This ground-breaking platform is an online sales directory that was created to become a leading reliable resource within Southern California’s building industry. The BIASC New Homes Showcase will connect consumers directly with builder communities without the use of any third-party websites to make for an easier home search process.

The BIASC New Homes Showcase was intended to increase BIASC-member builder’s flow of digital traffic which will prove to be very beneficial being that over 90 percent of today’s homebuyers are introduced to the real estate market via online searches. By using this innovative platform, consumers are connected directly to the builder’s websites after selecting the community of their choosing so that they may be provided with the information needed to begin the home buying process. Consumers will rest assured that their home search is backed by home builder members with long-standing credibility in the 90-year old association.

BIASC’s EVP Craig Foster stated, “One of our highest priorities as an association is to assist our home builder members in connecting with the right buyers at the right time in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

The BIASC New Homes Showcase is driven by NewHomesDirectory.com. NHD is an innovative online directory devoted to displaying new homes for sale to consumers who are in search of a new home with the ultimate goal of delivering home buyers to the home builder’s community web page in as few clicks as possible.

For more information on the BIASC New Homes Showcase and the Building Industry Association of Southern California, please visit https://showcase.biasc.org/builders.

April 13 2017

New Homes Directory Adds New Amenities Filter

New Homes Directory Map Amenities Filter

New Homes Directory is always looking for ways to evolve and create a better quality experience for the homebuyers so we are excited to announce the new Amenities filter on the NHD website! Homebuyers that visit NewHomesDirectory.com currently have the ability to narrow down their new home search by filtering communities based on offered neighborhood amenities in Map View through the Filters bar. The filter allows visitors to focus on the features that are most important to them by sorting through home types, prices, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

NHD is excited about the newest addition to the filter bar which creates an even more focused search by displaying communities based on the amenities they offer such as pools, gated communities, parks, clubhouses, homes with views and golf courses to name a few. This new functionality is displayed on any “Map View” using the “Filters” bar and will create an overall greater experience for the NHD visitors.





August 13 2015

New Home Feed and New Homes Directory Partner Up

New Home Feed and New Homes Directory Partnership

New Home Feed is a marketing tool that allows homebuilders to advertise their communities on the widest possible network of free and fee-based home listing websites. New Home Feed’s easy-to-use platform allows marketers to manage property listings and make updates a breeze. Once a listing is updated on New Home Feed, that update is pushed to all networks. Easy to follow reporting allows you to know where you are getting quality website traffic from and monitor budgets and spending. New Home Feed also shows you what potential buyers are looking at on your website and connects to your CRM so you can save money while selling homes. In need of a feed generator? You’re in luck, New Homes Feed’s flexible API plugs into your website to automate and customize your feed.

New Homes Directory is a New Home Feed top performer in delivering high quality traffic to home builders. That is why we saw it a great fit to partner up. If you are not currently a New Homes Directory client and list 5 or more communities you may be eligible for a package deal promotion! Customers taking advantage of this package will still be able to have access to all other features on NHF, including listing their homes on other directories. Contact Troy Reierson or Sarah Cook for details.

August 18 2014

New Homes Directory is Making Big Waves in the Building Industry

New Homes Directory is making big waves in the building industry and is no longer seen as a small fish in the competitive sea of digital marketing, but is now swimming right alongside brand names like Move.com and Trulia. In addition, New Homes Directory seems to be taking the lead in delivering the best qualified traffic to home builders.

Recently O’Neil Interactive released a study on the web traffic a builder receives from digital marketing companies. The study broke down which sources deliver the most traffic and the quality of the traffic that source provided. The study showed that NewHomesDirectoy.com had produced the most volume of traffic to builder sites over New Home Guide, Move.com, New Home Source, Trulia and Zillow. Of course more is not always better. Builders want to see high quality traffic, not just volume. Again the study showed that NewHomesDirectory.com was the leading digital marketing company! Check out the O’Neil Interactive video on what digital marketing sites are best for new home builders:

January 3 2014

Basic, Professional or Premium - What Package are You?

I am sure by now you know, NewHomesDirectory.com offers something a little different than most online new homes sites. We are a traffic generator not a lead generator. Our goal is to connect you and the homebuyer during their first initial search of a new home. NHD seamlessly delivers buyers directly to the builder’s community website only in a few clicks. We have successfully done this by making sure we keep ads, banners or pop-ups out... only new homes. This provides smart marketing that is cost effective.

How cost effective you ask? You only pay for the traffic you receive from NHD. Once you list your community on NHD, no matter how much the listing is viewed, you are only charged when the homebuyer narrows down to your community, wants more information and leaves our site to yours. To make sure we meet all builders’ needs and affordability, we have several different packages to choose from:

BASIC Level Listing
• Your communities are listed on NewHomesDirectory.com
• Listing include links to the builder’s Social Media sites

• Your communities are listed on NewHomesDirectory.com
• Listing include links to the builder’s Social Media sites
• A monthly blog about your community is published to the Home Buyer’s Blog
• A free PR write up of your community on NHDBuzz.com

PREMIUM Level Listing
• Your communities are listed on NewHomesDirectory.com
• Listing include links to the builder’s Social Media sites
• A monthly blog about your community is published to the Home Buyer’s Blog
• A free PR write up of your community on NHDBuzz.com
• HD video production and domain on NewHomesDirectory.TV on your community

Since home buyers are more likely to first see the home they purchase via the Internet than by newspapers, magazines or yard signs, NHD is working hard to get your community found so you don’t have to. We are continually improving the way your community gets found online with our listings, blog or NHDBuzz.

November 27 2013

NewHomesDirectory.com adds "Pin It" Button to Listings


As NewHomesDirectory.com grows, we are continually working on improving not only our user’s experience, but also trying to find new and exciting ways to drive homebuyers to your site. We advertise over 500 builder’s new communities across the US and Canada, with nearly 1,000 new communities just added this year. We want to make sure each community as an equal opportunity to be found.

As always we make sure the homebuyers can narrow down the community that fits their needs with filters such as bed and bath count, square footage, home type and price. Once they have narrowed down to their ideal community, they have more options to share that community within their social network. Giving homebuilders more exposure with just of the click of a button. How have we done this you ask? NewHomesDirectory.com has added a Pinterest “Pin It” button to all community listing images! Now each community listing can include the builders Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube and Flickr accounts along with having their community images shared with 70 million users on Pinterest.



September 30 2010

New Home Feed and NewHomesDirectory.com Team Up to Get Home Sellers Connected to Home Buyers

New Home Feed and New Homes Directory.com Trial

Rick Phillips, President and CEO of New Home Feed, and Jim Adams, Founder and CEO of New Homes Directory.com, announced a new partnership September 29, 2010, in which New Home Feed is now the sole exclusive provider of promotional free trials on New Homes Directory.com. The two leaders strongly affirmed a belief that the home building market is best served when multiple service-providers collaborate to share resources and technologies to assist builder clients.

New Homes Directory.com delivers thousands of qualified home buyers to new home builders every day by being one of the top-ranked new home websites for all searches across the web. The company's goal is to put New Homes Directory.com, and their clients, in front of prospects in every market. Since inception in 2002, beginning with the San Diego market, New Homes Directory.com has penetrated 80 markets in two countries.

New Home Feed uses the latest technologies to give home builders one platform to get listings to a core network of websites, to manage those listings across multiple websites, and to effectively track and measure listing website performance, traffic, and leads. Moreover, both New Home Feed and New Homes Directory.com drive web traffic and leads directly to the home seller's websites where the best quality leads transpire. It's no news that New Homes Directory.com sends high-quality, high-conversion traffic to builder websites, but now, with the combined efforts of both, users save time-and-money managing listing content, and monitoring results.

Jim Adams explained, "The building industry can be hesitant when it comes to new technologies. Because our products are mutually-complimenting, if we team up, then more builders will become aware and take advantage of the new, unique technologies we offer."

Adams continued, "If you use New Homes Directory.com and New Home Feed, you will get more homes sold. It's quite simple, but builders need to hear the message."

Rick Phillips, President and CEO of New Home Feed, remarked, "Jim Adams was the first to the new-homes search market with New Homes Directory.com and I have always been impressed with his knowledge and innovation. We are very excited to take this step together."

"Offering a package deal for free trials on both sites," Phillips continued, "does more than just get home listings out there; it makes the daily work life of all our clients easier, and saves them time and money. The economy is tough, there's no doubt about that, so saving money is critical to survival. Use New Home Feed. Save time and money."

About New Homes Directory.com
New Homes Directory.com delivers thousands of qualified home buyers to home builders every month by being one of the top-ranked new home websites for all searches across the web. The product has been introduced to 80 markets in two countries.

About New Home Feed
New Home Feed makes it easy to list homes for sale, manage inventory of homes for sale, and sell homes. New Home Feed users get robust, intuitive, easy-to-understand reports that provide users tips and advice on getting the most out of web marketing efforts.



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