June 7 2009

NHD Buzz - May Upgrades And Stats

NHD Buzz just got better. We just added an RSS feed link to each NHD Buzz user account.  This means that all Buzz stories posted by a unique user can now be fed into any RSS feed reader (i.e. iGoogle). RSS feeds are becoming an increasingly important way to filter out noise on the Internet and have the content YOU want, delivered direct.  You will now see an RSS billboard logo on the right of each user page.  To view an example, active adult communities by Epcon Communities now has its own RSS feed.

RSS feeds can also be fed from one site into another for display purposes. So if your company won't let you blog, you can use NHD Buzz as the blog and you can stream the RSS feed into your website as a way for your consumers to view updates on your new home communities.

NHD Buzz has evolved from soley a search engine optimized PR site, into a blogging platform also.  If you're a new home sales or marketing professional and your company is not yet comfortable with you maintaining a company blog, you can use your NHD Buzz account as a blogging tool.

Stay tuned.  You will soon be able to update your Twitter and Facebook account when you post a Buzz story!  Because Twitter and Facebook are becoming critical tools to reach out and connect with our consumers, I felt like this was the next critical development to NHD Buzz.

I'll keep you posted on its development.

NHD Buzz continues to permeate the Internet with relevant home building news that consumers are looking for.  Stats for May 2009 show almost 6,000 visits, from 3,032 search terms.  Here is the May 2009 search term list NHDBuzzStatsMay2009.xlsx (29.41 kb)

Some notable searches include:

ryland model homes
ryland homes in rochester ny
hovnanian homes
luxury penthouses
tustin cottages
henley on hudson
edgebrook glen
roosevelt collection

and all of our favorite - penthouse model

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory.com

February 10 2009

NHD Buzz stories top 3 million views

The month of January 2008 recorded well over 700 new home community press and news releases.  NHD Buzz stories have now been viewed over 3 million times since its inception only 238 days ago.

Buzz stats for January 2008 include 6,089 visits with stories being found for 3,708 different search terms.  Notable search terms include:

tustin cottages
penthouse model
windsor landing orlando
luxury penthouses
mccaffrey homes
rowhomes in charlotte nc
nyc rent to own
mattamy homes winter park
new buyers housing seminars columbus oh
open living space townhome

An interesting note on the 'penthouse model' search result. There is no more competitive space on the Internet than the space of the adult industry.  When a Google search is done for 'penthouse model', the results are all adult websites.  Yet a Buzz story referring to a penthouse model is on the first page of some of the most competitive space on the Internet.  How powerful is NHD Buzz for driving traffic to new home communities?  Powerful enough to be in the most competitive space in the world. Check this out. I captured the Google result here.

Happy Buzzing! 

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory.com


January 10 2009

NHD Buzz Hits 600 And Is Found For 4418 Search Terms

Consumers can't find you if you're not out there.  At 5:35p (PST) on Friday, January 9, 2009, only 206 short days after its release, the 600th press release was added to NHD Buzz.  218 Buzz publisher stories have been viewed 2,842,525 times!  NHD Buzz continues to prove that it is one of the best home builder resources for reputation management and driving traffic to builder stories and websites.

Here's Barbara Rossoll adding a Buzz story for an NHD client.  This was the 600th Buzz story.

NHD Buzz web stats for the month of December 2009 revealed that buzz stories were found for 4418 different search phrases.  You can download the search phrase list here BuzzPhrases12-08.xls (79.00 kb).  A few notable search phrases include:

pardee homes
k hovnanian homes
mbk homes
mattamy homes orlando
mattamy homes arizona
mattamy homes usa
mattamy homes charlotte
mccaffrey homes
american west homes
d r horton homes california
kovach marketing
otay ranch company
bank lofts san pedro
opera lofts
roosevelt collection
chicago luxury penthouses
condominium in riverdale
urban living downtown chicago
new model homes
condos in dc below 250
houses for sale at lake hills reserve riverside ca
ryland model homes tampa fl

NHD Buzz is the building industry's premier new homes press release website.

Keep On Buzzin' baby!

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory.com

December 21 2008

Pardee Homes Boosts Reputation By Using NHD Buzz

In June of 2008 Sarah Cook and I met with Jessica Heinz of Pardee Homes to pitch a new application we were developing for builders.  The essence of the application was a press release website for home builders to promote their companies, their communities, and the marketing professionals of those companies.  With free sign up, and unlimited press release postings, these stories would be found on Google searches that would contribute to the builders online reputation.

We've seen the negative reputation builders can have because of negative consumer testimonials found through Google searches for builder company names.  If you are not familiar with what can happen, read When Consumers Attack.

On July 7, 2008 Jessica Heinz posted three press releases to NHD Buzz.  Today a Google search for Pardee Homes displays the Buzz story entitled Pardee Homes Nationally Honored at 2008 IBS in the number 7 position. 

Pardee Homes Buzz


In addition, a Google search for Jessica Heinz displays Jessica Heinz Press Releases on NHD Buzz in the number 6 position.


Jessica Heinz Buzz

It's all playing out just like we envisioned.  Jessica is filling up the first page of results with positive stories about Pardee Homes while at the same time she is filling up the first page of results with great PR about herself as a professional.  In short, Jessica is successfully marketing both Pardee Homes and herself as a professional in the new frontier of marketing.  Great job Jessica, keep it up.

Still not sure how easy it is?  Read Builders Reach More Consumers By Using NHDBuzz.com.  All you have to do is post your builder and community stories and NHD Buzz takes care of the rest.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory.com


December 10 2008

Builders Reach More Consumers By Using NHDBuzz.com

As of today, NHD Buzz, the building industry's press release website, has 523 press releases from 180 publishers and those press releases have been viewed 2,197,973 times. I just reviewed the web server stats. What I found was that NHD Buzz stories have been found and visited for over 970 different consumer search phrases.  View all the Buzz search phrases for November 2008 BuzzStats11-08.xls (77.00 kb). Just a few notable search phrases include:

mattamy homes orlando
k hovnanian homes
mbk homes
dr horton southern california
brookfield homes green
how to write a new hire press release
ryland homes new york ny
centex condominiums
ryland homes 2008 incentives
teramachi homes los angeles
unique penthouses
ashton woods homes orlando fl
skyline condominiums boston ma
You buzz publishers should be lifted up and proud of yourselves.  It takes time to write these stories.  It takes time to get them on the buzz.  You are benefiting your companies, your communities, and yourselves as professionals.  Your stories are on the Internet and they are being found by your consumers.  This is part of the new marketing frontier.  
Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory.com

July 23 2008

Industry Professionals Embrace NHD Buzz

NHDBuzz.com, the home building industry’s only dedicated press release media site has been widely embraced by industry professionals with over 120 press releases submitted by over 70 professionals in the first 30 days.  This free application is driving builder information deeper into the Internet and stories are now found on Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, and a multitude of additional Internet portals.

Two top Buzz publishers, j. simms agency, a San Diego based PR company, and Larry Vershel Communications, a Florida based communications firm, are already experiencing the power of NHD Buzz.  In a Google search for 'j. simms agency',  the 3rd organic search result is the NHD Buzz page representing the press releases of the j. simms agency.  Similarly a Google search for 'Larry Vershel Communications' returns the NHD Buzz page representing the press releases for Larry Vershel Communications in the number 5 organic spot, and a number 4 spot on a Live.com / MSN search.

"NHD Buzz is one of the most powerful tools the building industry has for Internet Marketing and Reputation Management", says Jim Adams, CEO and Chief Evangelist for New Homes Directory.com. "We are inviting all industry professionals to participate in getting their company and community information out to the world.  As a Sales and Marketing professional, this is one of the best things you can do for your company, your communities, and yourself as a professional."

June 17 2008

NHD Buzz Unleashed

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 marks the date New Homes Directory.com unveils and unleashes NHDBuzz.com, the building industry's premier Press Release and Public Relations Internet media.  “Today’s social media has broadened the PR and online marketing frontier and we want to provide a simple means by which building industry professionals can get out their information”, says Jim Adams, CEO of NewHomesDirectory.com.

NHD Buzz is a new home community and real estate media center that puts the control in the hands of industry professionals.  Sign up and logging in is easy and takes about 1 minute. After that you are buzzing away.  The premise behind NHD Buzz is allowing industry professionals the opportunity to promote their properties on the Internet without the limitations of cost or relying on others. Everyone can do it themselves and take control of the flow of information displayed on the Internet.  "This is a great opportunity for builders to manage their reputation online,” says Barbara Rossoll, VP of Sales & Marketing for NewHomesDirectory.com.  NHD Buzz is the building industry's answer for reputation management online.

The press releases on NHD Buzz are fed into Google, Google News, Google Blogs, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, MSN, Ask, and several other Internet Media portals.  NHD Buzz provides the building industry another Internet Media solution crafted for new home builders.

NHD Buzz is still in Beta so if anyone has any issues please call the NewHomesDirectory.com support number at 951-894-6621.

Jim Adams
CEO - New Homes Directory.com



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