March 11 2014

Creating the Perfect Pinterest Pin - Part Two

Pinterest Group Boards

There is a secret tip for you to increase followers by thousands… Group Boards. Group Boards are a small community of Pinners that all have access to the same board. This increases your presence on Pinterest by having your content in front of a loyal audience of a specific topic. This way you gain a multitude of followers instead of trying to reach them one by one.
How do you join a Group Board? There are three ways to get involved:

1 – Network with your corporate partners. See if any or your company’s partners already have a group board and ask them to join or if they would mind adding your pins. This is a great way to find boards that are within the same industry as you and who have similar followers you are trying to gain. For example, see if any supplier, like GE, has a Group Board you can post photos of upgraded kitchens that have their appliances in them.

2 – Start a Group Board. If you already have a board that is popular, you can use that as the back bone for creating a Group Board. This can be time consuming since you will have to manage accepting invitations from others to join as well as finding pinners to join your group.

3 – Getting invited to a Group Board may be the most difficult way, but it can be done. This consists of building relationships with board owners. To do this you first need to find a Group Board you would like to be part of. Pinterest makes Group Board owners follow at least one of your boards before they can invite you.  So make sure your boards have quality pins that make them want to follow you back.

Once you have found the Group Board you want to join and they are following you, introduce yourself with an email or message via Pinterest. Let them know you are interested in joining the group and include some of your boards that they may like in the email or message.

Once you have been invited to join a Group Board make sure you always pin relevant pins and are not pinning advertisements for your company. Your goal in the Group Board is not to sell, but to be part of the community and gain more followers.



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