September 30 2010

New Home Feed and Team Up to Get Home Sellers Connected to Home Buyers

New Home Feed and New Homes Trial

Rick Phillips, President and CEO of New Home Feed, and Jim Adams, Founder and CEO of New Homes, announced a new partnership September 29, 2010, in which New Home Feed is now the sole exclusive provider of promotional free trials on New Homes The two leaders strongly affirmed a belief that the home building market is best served when multiple service-providers collaborate to share resources and technologies to assist builder clients.

New Homes delivers thousands of qualified home buyers to new home builders every day by being one of the top-ranked new home websites for all searches across the web. The company's goal is to put New Homes, and their clients, in front of prospects in every market. Since inception in 2002, beginning with the San Diego market, New Homes has penetrated 80 markets in two countries.

New Home Feed uses the latest technologies to give home builders one platform to get listings to a core network of websites, to manage those listings across multiple websites, and to effectively track and measure listing website performance, traffic, and leads. Moreover, both New Home Feed and New Homes drive web traffic and leads directly to the home seller's websites where the best quality leads transpire. It's no news that New Homes sends high-quality, high-conversion traffic to builder websites, but now, with the combined efforts of both, users save time-and-money managing listing content, and monitoring results.

Jim Adams explained, "The building industry can be hesitant when it comes to new technologies. Because our products are mutually-complimenting, if we team up, then more builders will become aware and take advantage of the new, unique technologies we offer."

Adams continued, "If you use New Homes and New Home Feed, you will get more homes sold. It's quite simple, but builders need to hear the message."

Rick Phillips, President and CEO of New Home Feed, remarked, "Jim Adams was the first to the new-homes search market with New Homes and I have always been impressed with his knowledge and innovation. We are very excited to take this step together."

"Offering a package deal for free trials on both sites," Phillips continued, "does more than just get home listings out there; it makes the daily work life of all our clients easier, and saves them time and money. The economy is tough, there's no doubt about that, so saving money is critical to survival. Use New Home Feed. Save time and money."

About New Homes
New Homes delivers thousands of qualified home buyers to home builders every month by being one of the top-ranked new home websites for all searches across the web. The product has been introduced to 80 markets in two countries.

About New Home Feed
New Home Feed makes it easy to list homes for sale, manage inventory of homes for sale, and sell homes. New Home Feed users get robust, intuitive, easy-to-understand reports that provide users tips and advice on getting the most out of web marketing efforts.



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