August 31 2010

How do you categorize your prospects?

Let’s play a game of Categories! In the Lasso game you have “New Home Buyer,” “Final Paperwork,” “Waiting on Go,” and “Just Looking”.  While with your current database you have “Level 1,” “Level 2,” “Level 3” and “Closed”.  With Lasso, you can name your prospective buyer’s ratings. While other CRM’s have it manual or pre set up.  Now you can have fun with your database, which in turn will make it easier to remember your prospects. In Lasso your prospective new home buyers will never be at a level where you question their meaning. You can categorize them appropriately as they are in the buying process. This not only makes it easier to glance and see, but for new sales associates, the ratings are easy to understand and don’t require a lot of training.

Make your Ratings fun and catchy! These are your new categories; you want to make sure regardless of who’s looking they understand both the buyers standing, as well as their view point. Some catchy ideas are:
- Window Shopper – Buyer is just looking around.
- Looking and Wanting – Buyer is looking and wanting to move forward with a specific plan.
- Ready to Start – Buyer has all the paperwork together and is ready to begin process.
- Ready to Move – Buyer has Paperwork completed and is waiting to move in.
- Home Owner – Buyer is now a new home owner!

Lasso Data Systems makes it easy to set up these rating. Here’s how to set it up in Lasso Data Systems:
1. Log in to Lasso – Go to the Administration Center
2. Click on your Client Name
3. Click on Project Name that you want to add the ratings to
4. Hover over “Real Estate” at the top of the page
          a. Hover over “Registrants”
                   i. Hover Over “Registrants Ratings”
1. Click on “Add Rating Types”
5. Rating: put in your first rating (ex. “Window Shopper”)
6. Add the Description (ex. “Buyer is just looking around”)
7. Click the “Save” Button

Congratulations! You have just created your first rating. Now you’re one step closer to making your sales process more fun and easily viewable.  From here you can click “Add New Rating” at the top, or edit your current ratings that you have.

Now implement. Have a meeting and get together with your team. Find out their ideas for categories and get your contacts set up. Now you’re creating an online sales process that works!



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