May 27 2010

Realtor Palooza: Easy Sales - Easy Money

On May 26th, 2010 the Inland Empire Sales and Marketing Council help the 2010 Realtor Palooza: The Big Easy: Easy Sales - Easy Money, which offered a chance for the top Southern California home builders and Realtors to get together and introduce the new inventory of homes for sale throught out the Inland Empire. This was also a chance for Realtors to learn about the builder/broker programs and how to qualify buyers with Special Financing and Incentives.

The Inland Empire Sales and Marketing Council of the Building Industry Association of Southern California’s goal is to advance the discipline of marketing and home sales through education, networking and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Present at the event was Louie S. Norwood MIRM, and 2010 President of the Inland Empire of the Sales and Marketing Council. Louie believes that the backbone of the home building and sales industry are the steadfast members who remain focused, dedicated and committed to its' future. Louie is also President of Temps Plus, Inc. Temps Plus is California's premier homebuilder staffing firm, providing new home sales professionals since 1996.

Capital Pacific Real Estate, VP of Sales and Marketing, Jason Watson, was also in attendance at the Realtor Palooza. Jason Watson is a twenty two year veteran of the home building industry who has successfully managed, sold, and closed numerous new home communities in his career. Jason is a board member of the Inland Empire Sales and Marketing Council, and has been awarded several Laurel and MAME awards, including "Sales Team of the Year".  Jason described the Realtor Palooza as an opportunity for the re-sale world to understand the new home builder and to get the standard sale into the market. The Realtor Palooza allows a chance for the Realtors to know where the standard sale homes are, even though they may not be listed in the MLS.


May 24 2010

New Home Advertising for the Next New Home Buyers, Generation Y

I recently got the opportunity to make a video that is a change of pace for me as most of the videos we make are done to showcase the model homes. The video I made for Ponderosa Homes highlights the quaint town of Pleasanton, California as well as the building process for making their new homes.

Through this video I learned that even though this new home community is not yet built it can leave a huge impact on potential new homebuyers to come and buy your new homes.  This new type of video is showing your potential new homebuyers how it all began and it also highlights what a great town/community they could live in.

So what’s the best way of going about getting your new homes out there through videos?  YouTube.

YouTube has hit a major milestone, it now receives more than two billion video views a day.  You might think your eyes are playing a trick on you but they’re not.  That means each day you do not have a video up on YouTube is another day that you missed out on potential new homebuyers.

Whether you’re just starting out on building the new homes in your community or you are in your final phase, it’s never too late to get your community and company name out there.

Article: "YouTube Surpasses Two Billion Video Views Daily" by

May 12 2010 Launches Brand New Advertising Model offers a new and exciting way to promote your new home community using a unique style of advertisement called a “Page Peel Effect”.’s page peel effect relies on CSS/Javascript to create the peel effect instead of Flash or other similar technologies, therefore there is no other plugins required for a user’s browser to see this type of ad.

A demo of this effect can be seen by visiting our San Diego New Homes Directory and hovering over the ad in the top right corner of the screen. Basically, there is a “page peel” in the upper right hand corner of a user’s screen, that when hovered over, a much larger graphic is “peeled down” from the top right corner of the page revealing the full ad.

To create this effect for your new home community, we need two graphics, and the URL you wish to have users redirected to when they click on your ad.

page_flip First, there is the page peel graphic itself. This image needs to be 614X638 pixels. The top right corner triangle of the graphic must be transparent (PNG or GIF format). This transparency allows the full ad to be visible when the actual ad is displayed.

An example of what this image looks like is displayed to the left.

Please keep in mind that this image will be contracted down to 125X125 pixels when the ad is not revealed and should look good at both the 125X125 pixel size and the original 614X638 pixel size as well as the transition between these sizes.



large2 Secondly, the revealed graphic should be 500X500 pixels in size. Please keep in mind that only the top, right corner of your ad will be visible when the peel has revealed the graphic.

In addition, the top right corner triangle of the top right 125X125 pixel patch of your graphic should represent what you want displayed when the ad has not yet been revealed much like the demo graphic on the left.





Finally, we will need to know what URL you wish to have your ad redirected to when a user clicks on the ad.

No other coding or other requirements are needed from you to display the ad on our website. No special programming is required on your website, unless you wish to have special analytics installed on your server to track the effectiveness of your campaign. If you have special parameters that need to be added to your URL string for these tracking purposes, please let your representative know.

Mike Sipes - CTO

May 7 2010

A Jeff Shore Creating Urgency Google Ad Sighting

I was just playing the comic book video Rebecca just made for Epcon Communities and saw a Jeff Shore / Jason Forrest Google video ad overlay.  Had to post it.  Very cool.

Jeff Shore Jason Forrest Creating Urgency Google Ad

May 7 2010

Comic Books Can Sell New Homes

Many new homes builders use virtual tours as a way to captivate consumer’s attention to buy their homes.  But have you ever thought about another more cost effect and stylish way to showcase your beautiful new homes?

Using something as strange as a “comic book” theme to one of Epcon Communities new homes communities in one of our HD videos I want to show you how taking pictures of a beautiful new home and giving them a theme that you would never pick for selling new homes cannot only appeal to potential new home buyers but how it can also help them to choose you over some other builder who chose to do the same old “stuff”.

The best part about HD videos is that each video is featured on our site as well as and YouTube.  Meaning more places that your new home community is found on and more traffic to you.  The hard work is already done for you, so what you are waiting for?


May 6 2010

Increase Leads By Increasing Engagement

Research done by Eyeblaster, Microsoft Advertising, and comScore shows that the more a consumer engages your website, the higher the conversion.  Eyeblaster's 'Global Benchmark 2010' report examined billions of rich media impressions and found higher engagement resulted in higher conversions.  An increase in 'dwell rate' from 5% to 15% resulted in a 45% conversion increase.  Dwell rate was defined as a mouse over or some type of interaction with an ad.

Image provided by eMarketer.

Research also showed that high engagement led to a 39% increase in brand-related search engine searches and there are many studies that show brand related searches have a higher conversion than non-brand related studies.

What this means for home builders:

In order to get a lift in leads, there must be ample opportunity for a consumer to engage you.

Ways to increase consumer engagement are:

  1. Good content - Site content should be comprehensive and relevant to the entire home shopping experience.  This means school info, utility info, neighborhood info, area info, etc.
  2. Add video - This is the easiest and quickest component to increase engagement.  Consumers love video - the constant rising video stats prove it.
  3. Have a blog - Post at least weekly and let consumers know the lights are on AND you're home.
  4. Have a Facebook fan page and converse with consumers.
  5. Have a Twitter account and converse with consumers.

Increasing consumer engagement takes time and money.  If you home builders want a lift in online conversions, you're going to have to allocate more of your budget to the online world.  From my perspective, as an industry, we're getting there slowly but we have a long way to go.  There is still way too much money spent on traditional media and not near enough online.  For goodness sake, all our consumers are online - spend the money there.  All the tools are here for us to succeed; we just need to use them.

Jim Adams - CEO




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