February 9 2010

Go Big or Go Home - 2010 Sales Leadership Summit

On April 23, 2010, join Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest in Alexandria, Virginia as they meet with some of the best and brightest VPs of Sales, Directors and Managers from the homebuilding industry in a gripping, highly acclaimed one-day conference that will reshape your sales leadership vision at the “Go Big or Go Home” Sales Leadership Summit.

Are you a home builder who is still relying on one-on-one interviews to hire salespeople? If so, you need a new approach. Do your salespeople understand your standards of performance? If not learn how to formulate that vision and communicate it clearly at the “Go Big or Go Home” Sales Leadership Summit.

“Go Big or Go Home” summit will redefine the purpose of the salesperson, show you how to multiply your coaching time without multiplying your working time, how to implement the use of social media with salespeople, and how to re-charge tired inventory with successful case studies, just to name a few of the topics that Jeff and Jason will cover.

“It is time to recognize that the worst is behind us and the time to move forward is now. There are opportunities in the year to come that the homebuilding industry has not seen for decades. Opportunities to redefine who we will be in the market to come. Is your sales team ready to soar?”

If you are a Sales Manager, Director, Vice Presidents or anyone who directly manages sales professionals, this leadership summit is designed for you! The “Go Big or Go Home” Sales Leadership Summit will be lead by Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest. Jeff Shore has been an expert in new home sales training since 1992 and has had the privilege to teach and inspire thousands of sales professionals from the homebuilding industry. Learn how Jeff can help your team fulfill their highest selling potential.  Jason Forrest is a salesperson who understands sales by selling rather than observing. Jason is the author of Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market and 40 Day Sales Dare for New Home Sales. Jason Forrest and Jeff Shore are the creators of Shore Forrest Sales Strategies, Leadership Selling® and Leadership Selling® for Coaches, a 33-week blended-learning training curriculum for new home sales.

All prices for the “Go Big or Go Home” summit include a full day of conference activities and meals, plus the Sales Leadership Binder. Any Division President or Company Owner can attend FREE when attending with one or more of their sales managers. For more information, contact Cassandra Grauer at cassandra@shoreforrest.com or call at 530-558-9109.





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