November 3 2009

Condos For A Cure - Equals Columbus New Homes Found

As posted on October 19th in the Condos for a Cure Contribution by Epcon Communities post, Epcon Communities last month as sponsored the the Susan G. Komen Foundation by generously donating $1000 to fight against breast cancer. To help raise awareness of this cause wrote several PR stories on the communities that participated in the Condos for a Cure.

With the help of New Homes Directory search authority and with our knowledge of SEO, we were able to place 5 “Condos for a Cure”  stories on the the top search results of Google with our postings on the 3erd through 7th positions as of October 19th. 

Even though the fundraiser is over, our post are still there. Today the Condos for the Cure participating Epcon Communities of Woods at Sugar Run and The Villas at Canterbury Woods are found in the number one and two search results. Having such a great PR story found for these communities guarantees that Epcon Communities will have nothing but positive content out there for the consumer to find.

Never underestimate the power of a good story. Today more then ever the importance of being found on line can make or brake you. Say if you have a potential home buyer searching for a new home for sale and they have narrowed down to two communities. While researching online they search each community by name. Now  Community A is found with a blog story on how wonderful that community is and the amenities it provides, while Community B is not found at all. Chances are after being inspired by the post of Community A, once they go to check out Community A in person they will already had decided that Community A as something more to offer and they are ready to buy.

Are your communities being found?

November 2 2009

New Partnerships That Benefit Builders and Developers on NHD (NHD) is proud to announce new strategies and partnerships with popular U.S. real estate and classified networks that are significantly benefiting all U.S. new home builders and developers that have listings on the NHD website.  For the past 3 months, we've been beta testing these networks with a small group of builders, both national and local.  The results have been exceptional.

NHD has increased staffing and is now posting builder and developer communities to Trulia, Zillow, CraigsList, Backpage, and the Oodle Network to name a few.    

Trulia and Zillow have become powerhouses in the real estate space with 5.5 million and 8.9 million monthly visitors respectively.  Our beta group is kicking off with Trulia beginning Nov. 1, 2009, and with Zillow on Dec. 1, 2009.

With the real estate downturn, more and more consumers are searching classified websites like CraigsList (50.4m), Backpage (2m), and the Oodle Network* (950k), looking for real estate bargains.  We've had a BETA group of builders we've been working with and classified sites has proven to be extremely beneficial.

* The Ooodle network powers classified ads for sites such as, FOX,, Cox Communications, Comcast, AOL, Yellow Pages, Lycos, and a myriad of local newspaper and TV sites.

Our goal is to drive qualified traffic to the builders on NHD.  I know builders are struggling with a smaller amount of resources than in times past - fewer personnel and fewer dollars.  We want to make it easy for marketers to get their community listings in as many qualified places as possible.  These new partnerships meets that goal.

So now, not only will builders and developers have strong listing positions on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, through NHD, but now they will have strong listing positions in many of the other new homes and real estate websites where consumers are shopping for homes.


Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory .com



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