September 17 2009

Attention Home Builders - 300 Million Facebook-ers With No Signs Of Slowing

On September 15, 2009, Inside Facebook reported it has reached 300 million monthly active users around the world. Facebook has added 50 million users in only the 75 days. That's the equivalent of 670,000 users per day. Remember, it seems like only yesterday (mid-July), that Facebook reported it had reached 250 million users.


Though Facebook users have been flocking the connection addiction site since 2004, the sites growth, as recorded by numbers of users, shows no sign of slowing down.  In June 2009, The Nielson Company announced the US had a unique audience of more than 87 million people, compared MySpace's less than 63 million visitors the same month.

Check out the Facebook growth over the last 30 days:

13 - 17 Males: 14.5%
13 - 17 Females: 10.2%

18 - 25 Males: 8.6%
18 - 25 Females: 4.9%

26 - 34 Males: 10.0%
26 - 34 Females: 6.4%

35 - 44 Males: 11.1%
35 - 44 Females: 8.3%

45 - 54 Males: 12.8%
45 - 54 Females: 11.8%

55 - 65 Males: 10.2%
55 - 65 Females: 11.0%



August 2009 US Facebook Users by Age and Gender

13 - 17 Males: 3.7 million
13 - 17 Females: 4.9 million

18 - 25 Males: 10.7 million
18 - 25 Females: 12.1 million

26 - 34 Males: 7.9 million
26 - 34 Females: 10.5 million

35 - 44 Males: 6.4 million
35 - 44 Females: 8.7 million

45 - 54 Males: 3.7 million
45 - 54 Females: 5.9 million

55 - 65 Males: 1.9 million
55 - 65 Females: 3.3 million


facebook-users-august-2009-male-female reported that 45.4 million people, that's 57% of the site’s users, are women. That's higher than their males counterparts, who represent 34.3 million.  

For Home Builders

The rapid and continued growth of both female and male users of all ages signifies there is ever increasing opportunity to connect with both present home buyers and future home buyers.  Another undeniable metric, home builders cannot afford to look past is the increasing time spend on Facebook, Twitter, and blogging sites. 

In April 2009, time spent, in minutes, on Facebook had grown 700% from April 2008 (1,735,698 - 13,872,640 [000]). 

Time spent on Twitter was up 3,712% during the same period (7,865 - 299,836 [000]).  

Time spent on Blogger, though a much smaller increase in time was up 30% for April 2009 from April 2008 (448,710 - 582,683 [000]).

Home builders must figure out how to maximize Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.  Any builder without plans for these social sites, as part of their overall marketing strategy, will be left behind by the more 'in tune' home building competitors.

What Can Home Builders Do?

Mike Lyon, author of 'Browsers To Buyers', has the most progressive, forward thinking, and practical, virtual social media training series on how to get the most out of social sites, I know of.  Sign up today and begin navigating the new marketing frontier.

Contact Jim Adams today to see if can subsidize your Mike Lyon training series fees.


Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes Directory .com


September 11 2009

Want To Search Twitter For Data, Not Just People? Do It Here


Need a good place to search Twitter? How do you find information inside Twitter streams from months or years ago?  I found the place.

Do it here, or at the Google Twitter search.

While you're at it, create yourself a custom Google powered search engine?




September 11 2009

Lasso Data Systems and New Homes Announce Marketing and Sales Alliance Partnership

For Immediate Release:

LASSO DATA SYSTEMS AND NEWHOMESDIRECTORY.COM ANNOUNCE MARKETING AND SALES ALLIANCE PARTNERSHIP services will be sold exclusively throughout Canada by Lasso Data Systems. Site draws targeted home buying traffic direct to homebuilder websites.

September 9, 2009 – Lasso Data Systems, a premier developer of customer‐relationship management, CRM software for homebuilders and developers globally, today announced a partnership with to sell the site’s internet directory services to its clients throughout North America, with an exclusive reseller agreement for homebuilders in Canada. is a leading‐edge developer of revolutionary internet applications for real estate sales and marketing, including one of the top online directories devoted to connecting consumers with new home builders and developers in their area.

The partnership marks the first time has made its products available outside the United States, with initially six major directories available through the site serving regions within British Columbia (Vancouver), Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton), Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa) and Quebec (Montreal). Other internet marketing products available from include, a portal enabling builders to post press releases on their projects free of charge, and NewHomesDirectory.TV, which offers high‐definition video profiles of new home communities.

“ and Lasso both play critical roles in the new home sales process,” said Jim Adams, CEO of “ drives high quality traffic to builder websites, while historically Lasso’s focus has been on CRM solutions, invaluable technology for builders who want to properly manage and close the leads generated from that traffic. This is an attractive proposition for builders because Lasso’s partnership with NHD will help Canadian homebuilders to reach more interested buyers and to manage their prospect database. By taking advantage of through Lasso, Canadian homebuilders can now connect with the thousands of consumers searching for new homes throughout Canada and generate some of the most qualified leads available to sales agents.”

The partnership marks a new stage in the growth of Lasso Data Systems, moving forward in supporting its customers not just with CRM technology solutions but with proactive online marketing and sales strategies that include directory services and consumer traffic, website and search engine optimization (SEO), plus lead intelligence & nurturing. The new marketing offerings will be offered both in addition to and separate from Lasso’s core CRM solution.

“Working together with Jim Adams and the team at is a natural extension of the missions of both companies,” explained Dave Clements, CEO of Lasso Data Systems. “With more than eighty percent of homebuyers starting their research online, we hope to strengthen the value and the connection we offer homebuilders and developers by providing targeted traffic, innovative online marketing services and a CRM solution custom built for the real estate industry. provides a clean and easy to navigate information source for consumers that is also an extremely economical way for builders to generate revenue through precise and targeted online traffic.”

About Lasso Data Systems
Lasso Data Systems Inc. is the leading developer of innovative “on‐demand” CRM real estate software for new home builders and developers. Lasso, used for residential developments globally, helps real estate developers, builders and sales agencies sell their developments faster and easier with controlled sales velocity. The company’s software manages potential homebuyers online from interest list to occupancy including sales, inventory and contract management. Lasso works equally well for diverse developments from urban high‐rise to suburban townhomes, single and master planned communities, golf, mountain and ocean resorts and condo‐hotels. Lasso, deployed on over 1,000 projects globally, is designed for ease of use, rapid deployment and pay by usage to maximize each client’s ROI and reduce their technology and financial risk. Lasso is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Founded in 2001 by CEO Jim Adams, is an online directory devoted to connecting consumers with new home builders and developers in their area. Unlike other real estate listing sites, links potential buyers directly to a home builder’s community webpage, delivering traffic to builders instead of acting as an intermediary clearinghouse for leads. The company is also a leading‐edge developer of revolutionary internet applications for real estate sales and marketing, including, a press release hosting site for real estate companies featuring the latest industry news; the New Homes Professional Network at, providing networking opportunities and discussion of the latest trends for real estate sales and marketing professionals; and a high‐definition video hosting site that will aid builders in producing and spotlighting video profiles of their latest communities, including soundtracks provided by some of today’s hottest music artists.

Dave Clements, CEO Lasso Data Systems Inc.
1.866.526.9955 Ext: 8565

Jim Adams, CEO



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