March 13 2009

Google Voice - Another Free Service

Just read in USA Today that Google is taking another step in taking over the world - offering another FREE service to make our lives better.  Vincent Paquet, a senior Google product manager said within the next few weeks, Google voice will be available.

How it's supposed to work: Sign up for a new Google phone number (free) and then assign your phone number(s) to it.  Give out your Google phone number and when someone calls, all phone numbers associated with your Google number will ring.  Can't get to the call? No worries, the voice mail picks up and then the voice message is converted to email, and it will show up in your Gmail account. It works like the service but with a local number and it's free for calls within the continental U.S.  Internationals calls will come with an insignificant cost.

Google voice will also offer conference calling.

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Jim Adams - CEO
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March 13 2009

Blogging From 35,000 Feet

Here I am, on a Southwest flight that left from Baltimore at 10:15a EST on Friday, March 13, going to San Diego.  It's 10:37a and I'm blogging from 35,000 feet.  The Southwest flight I'm on is one of two aircraft testing inflight Wi-Fi.  And guess what?  It works.  Apparently there are two aircraft that have no regular city to city schedules.  The aircraft I'm on now does not travel just from Baltimore to San Diego and back, so during the testing phase you just have to get lucky to get on one of the flights.  So is my luck!  And St. Patty's day is right around the corner:)

Note: Southwest won't allow heavy video downloads or VOIP service, and don't count on tech support.

I've gone from liking Southwest to loving Southwest.  Now I don't have to worry about all the work time lost traveling. Love it, love it, love it.

11:57a EST Update:  I just uploaded a 14MB video to YouTube, then watched it with no problem. Jim Adams first pitch, Padres vs. Cubs, June 4th, 2008.

I've been online 1:20 so far with no interruptions and excellent speed both up and down. 

A speed test from recorded speeds of 2.8MB down and 166kb up from a MO ping site. recorded 2.8MB down and 215kb up from a Chicago ping site.

My only concern so far is my battery life.  No too shabby.  If this is what we have to look forward to, we're in great shape.

Jim Adams - CEO
New Homes



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